Book Shelf

The Man in the Brown Coat’ by Sherwood Anderson 23.1.2020

Bermagui - In a Strange Sunset’ by Henry (RP) Lawson 22.1.2020

The Great Feast by Laura E. Richards And Monday Or Tuesday by Virginia Woolf 21.1.2020

The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal’ by Joseph Jacobs (RP) 20.1.2020

Fickle Fortune or How Gladys Hustled’ by O. Henry 16.1.2020

A Classical Student’ by Anton Chekhov 15.1.2020

A Fable’ by Mark Twain 14.1.2020

A Tent in Agony’ by Stephen Crane (RP) 13.1.2020

The Doer of Good’ by Oscar Wilde and ‘Keeping Christmas’ by Henry van Dyke 10.1.2020

The Blind Men and the Elephant’ by James Baldwin and ‘The New Food’ by Stephen Leacock 9.1.2020