Zhou EnLai's 58th Anniversary for visiting Bagan

10 January 2019

Zhou EnLai who is one of the famous former Prime Minister of China’s 58th Anniversary for visiting Bagan has been held in Bagan, Shwezigon’s Zhou EnLAi’s Dazaung on 08.Jan.2019. In that event the China's embassy has also done good deeds, and donated necessities to the 100 of household needy ward's residences in Bagan. The feast charity for all comers has been served too. Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar,H.E Mister Hong Liang, Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture, Thu Ra U Aung Ko,Myanmar-China goodwill relationship association's President, U Sein Win Aung attended the event.

Mister Zhou Enlai was the first Premier of the People's Republic of China, serving from October 1949 to until his death in January 1976. Zhou served along with Chairman Mao Zedong and was instrumental in the Communist Party's rise to power, and later in consolidating its control, forming foreign policy, and developing the Chinese economy. For all those being said let’s hear out the few more details of the legend from U Sein Win Aung,"I’m Myanmar-China goodwill relationship Association’sPresident, U Sein Win Aung, Zhou EnLai have done a lot in collaboration with Myanmar , one of the thing that we always need to mention if we talk about Zhou EnLai for the relationship with Myanmar, we have to say about 5 Major sectors for Peaceful Coexistence, this project was done in collaboration with Myanmar, another thing will be the renowned case will be the peace treaty between China and America has been initiated by Zhou Enlai. And also, the starting of equality between every countries motto was also started by him. By all those things he do for Myanmar as well as for the world, he is more than worthy to honour by doing this kind of anniversary"

As our Pout Phaw relationship has been build for several years, we have of course strengthened, let’s hear out the perspective of one of the executive in Myanmar-China goodwill relationship association,"My name is U Soe Myint Htun, one of the executive in Myanmar-China goodwill relationship association, as you know this Dazaung in Shwezigon it is really meaningful for the relationship between the two country, and it has been donated by Zhou EnLai. It is more than the value of it, and it is really useful for all of us too. Only the relationship is so strong between us countries is because of this kind of great mindset in each of the individuals of the leader in respective countries.

In my perspective I think that, we may even strive a lot more in the future by strengthening our relationship."

In the event His Excellency Mister Hong Liang also has given his speech for the honor of Prime Minister Mister Zhou Enlai, "Prime Minster Mister Zhou Enlai is one of the legends and a mighty one who received honor from all over the world. He is the one to support and persuade Myanmar to collaborate the 5 Major sectors, Peace Coexistence which is now the fundamental foundation for all International relations in most of the countries. In his days, he had came Myanmar for 9 times and made historical changes and peace treaty as well as relationship building with Myanmar. China is also the first country to have border relationship with Myanmar. Today, the 58th anniversary for Mister Zhou Enlai visit to Bagan will be holding in Zhou Enlai Dazaung and the citizenship centered policy will also be pass down to all of us. Moreover the Pout Phaw relationship will be strength by those means and factors and also peacefully walk on the path of The Belt and the road."

As the event was also the charity and donation to the 100 of needy households, I have interviewed some of the representative for how they feel, “My name is Daw Tin Tin Aye, the representative of Ward 6, I’m really happy for this, I have never imagined this, I’m really thankful for China to support Myanmar by every means that they can, I wish this Pout phaw relationship will last forever"

"My name is Ko Naing, one of the representatives of the received ward; my feeling is that, it is really good to receive the good deeds that offer as for what they can, also for how the relationship builds up by these factors, in the future I hope we can build the win-win relationship forever."