Total number of COVID-19 cases reaches 299 with 218 recoveries

29 June 2020

Myanmar reported that the total number of COVID-19 cases was brought to 299 including six deaths and 218 recoveries. The government restrictions will be still effective until 15th July. The current COVID-19 situation is in a controlled manner and it’s been over 17 days without local transmission in the country since 9th June. The government is also controlling and checking the returnees at the borders gates and they will have to stay at the related quarantine centers.

Speaking to MI Radio through the phone interview about the current COVID-19 cases in the township and the current situation in the country, U Wai Phyoe Han, Region Hluttaw Representative from Insein Township, said “There are a total of 36 recovered people among the 44 confirmed cases. They all are in good health situation now and the rest of the people are at Phaunggyi Medical Center. We have to protect ourselves from the second wave infection. We have seen a lot of people at the tea shops and restaurants as usual. We have arranged enough hand wash basins in every place in the township. We also did the spraying pesticides and some protection in the schools with the help of the volunteers. People participation is very important in protection.''

Meanwhile, precautionary measures and travel bans continue to negatively impact wholesale and retail trade, tourism-related services, and transportation. The businesses and some workplaces have started since the mid June. With the new normal lifestyle, some workplaces have started with the new working styles. Some industries have changed totally and faced some difficulties in the workplaces.

Ma Ei Mon Aung, who is the business development manager from the Amara Digital Marketing Agency, spoke about how the COVID-19 situation changed the business lifestyle in the new normal lifestyle, she said, ‘’When the government has announced the notices of the COVID-19 virus, we have already prepared for our office plans. Suddenly the virus broke out in the country, and it didn’t harm so much in our workplace. All the workers have to work as a new format of work from home since the government announced to stop some business. The workers are still working from home, and they all have to come to office from July. Work from home is also a good improvement in our workplaces, and most have to communicate through the internet and from the social apps. Even the workers do not see outside, they can keep in touch with each other. We can’t definitely say when the business will recover because it depends on the types of business. After staying and working at home for about 2 months, some workers are more active, fresh and creative, and they feel like they are new to this workplace again. With regard to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Sports, we put the hand sanitizers and we urge them to wear the masks in the office and we measure their temperature.’’

Because of the COVID-19 cases, most of the service businesses which have to connect with a lot of people and customers have to stop for a while. U Kyaw Thu, Founder of Free Funeral Service Society (Yangon) spoke to MI Radio how the services are going, he said, ‘’In the COVID period, we have to avoid the crowded places as much as we can. That’s why we had to stop some educational and vocational courses and it’s been for 2 months. At first we also stopped the clinic but we reopened back for our old patients. But we only let them come into the compound by washing hands and measuring temperatures. As a funeral service, we have to deal with the dead bodies. We have to carry the COVID-19 suspected patients from the related hospitals. During that time, the volunteers have to wear PPE and masks and face shields to prevent the infection of the COVID-19. During this period, we have to work with our groups on a rotation basis. Our services are not much affected, but we urge the volunteers to stay healthy and strong to prevent the infections as we have to deal with a lot of people every day. We also clean the ambulances with the pesticides.’’

The most recent cases detected over the past several weeks have been from returnees who are undergoing facility quarantines. From May 16th to June 24th, a total of 107 returnees had tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Ministry of Health and Sports.

Yangon has the highest number of COVID-19 patients among the regions and states of the country with 207 COVID-19 cases and Kayin State ranks second with 25. Kayah State is the only region in Myanmar with no reported case. The global pandemic has spread to 188 countries, killing over 499,000 people and afflicting over 9,994,000 million people, according to Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre.

Phyo Thi and Pomo
Photo Credit - Ministry of Health and Sports Myanmar