Teaching Sex Education to the Children

09 July 2019

A panel discussion about teaching sex education to the young children was held by Myanmar Parenting Group at Karaweik Palace. It is to raise awareness about sex education and sharing the ways of teaching sex education to the children.

The panelists are Dr. Thet Htar Shwe Sin Win, Lecturer, Department of Child Health, University of Medicine, Magway, Dr. Phyo Thiha, writer and social influencer, Ma Aye Aye Myo Zart, Mommy Blogger, Yan Yan Chan, artist, Ma Su Lei Win, Myanmar Parenting Admin, and Dr. Khaing Sabae Min, Myanmar Parenting Admin.

“Sex represents every part concerning sexuality and education means giving right information. So, sex education, in short, is giving right information about every fact concerning sexuality.”, Dr. Thet Htar Shwe Sin Win explained.

Sex education includes wide range of topics from the system of body parts, and the sexual intercourse to love, emotions and value in a relationship. Later, it is defined as Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE).

“We need to teach the children about sex education since when they have enough understanding. We can start from teaching them about their body parts, and in the next step, the way the body parts work, and more advanced education step by step starting from when we can have conversation with them.”, she said.

One of the issues that Myanmar is facing nowadays is child abuse, which includes child sexual harassment and in the server cases, child rape.

“There are many missions we have to carry out to prevent child rape. One of the ways is to teach sex education. It is the natural that children are weaker physically and mentally than adults. Despite being physically weak, most of the rape cases are not committed by the strangers using physical strength but by the familiar persons taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of children.”, said Dr. Phyo Thiha.

It is common that the adults touch the private parts of children to tease them and the children become to think that it is normal to touch their private parts. So, when the sexual abuser touches them, they normally are not afraid, which leads to child sexual assaults. 

In the previous times, it is misunderstood that talking about sexuality between the parents and children is embarrassing. But now, it is realized that teaching sex education is not talking about sexual relationship of men and women but understanding how the body system works.

“Parents need to study about sex education because it is our culture that the children grow together with their parents in their whole life. So, the parents must teach them. To do so, the parents have to study first by reading books and understand what to teach according to the age.”, Dr. Thet Htar Shwe Sin Win mentioned. 

One of the parents, Daw Wai Mar said, “Both boys and girls should be taught. I also have two sons and through their body changes and mental changes, I teach them as both their mother and their friend. I also teach my niece about which body parts are not to be touched. I educate them according to their age and understanding.”

By utilizing the correct ways of teaching sex education to young boys and girls, it can be protected for girls not to be sexually abused and for boys not to commit the abuse.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin