Su Pan Htwar’s New Album Releasing

15 May 2019

Su Pan Htwar, a well-known Myanmar singer and actress, is to release her 2nd full album on 18th May. The title song of the album is “Thay Laut Aung Chit Tal” (I Love You to Death) and altogether 13 songs are included. Other famous singers, Phoe Kar, So Tay, Nyi Min Khaing, and Tinzar Maw are also featuring in the album. Su Pan Htwar’s album is produced by Z Han Htet and presented by Bo Bo Music Production.

Su Pan Htwar talked about her full album which is to be newly released. She said, “I am going to hold a promotion and sell my albums at Happy World Amusement Centre, on coming 18th at 3pm. I guess I took so long to release this. Actually, I could do this because of Ko Z Han Htet as I asked him to help me eith the production and finally, it has finished. I don’t want my album be expensive and I am going to sell them at a price which everyone can afford to buy. So the price will be only 1500 MMKs on my promotion day.”

Z Han Htet, the producer of the album noted that, “An audio album has already been released in 2016 and I helped her when she asked for releasing DVD album last three or four months ago. The included music videos are directed in both local and overseas.”

Su Pan Htwar mentioned that the title song is so much memorable for her and her husband. She said, “When I asked Ko Nyi Min Khaing to write a song for me and my husband, he told me to tell the words we always say to each other. At that time, I told him about the word, that my husband always says to me, “I love you to death”.  Then Ko Nyi Min Khaing created a song for us by using this word.  I am really happy for that and my husband, Ko Oakkar, also really like it for using his word.” 

In the album, the duet song with influent senior singer, Tinzar Maw, is also included. Su Pan Htwar shared her experience of working together with senior singer, Tinzar Maw. “When I planned to create a duet song with Ma Tinzar Maw, she chose the song which would suit with me as this is my album. It is the song of the composer, Aye Ba Kyaw. Ma Tinzar Maw also helped and guided me when we recorded the song. She taught me a lot about the music and also about the social affair.”, she said.

One of the featuring singers, So Tay, congratulated on the releasing of Su Pan Htwar’s album “In the album “I Love You to Death”, I am featuring in the song “When Stars are falling”. I am proud and honored to have a duet song with Ma Pan. Her album will be successful, I believe.”

Although Su Pan Htwar is mostly well-known for her excellent acting work, she is also trying to produce her own songs. “I will do everything concerning with art by giving my best effort whether it is acting or singing. I won’t be choosing any type of artistic work because I love and value it the most. That’s why I’ll try my best as much as I can.”, she said.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin