State Counsellor calls for public cooperation in fight against Covid-19

17 September 2020

The resurgence of Covid-19 is severely striking Yangon, with the rising number of confirmed cases to about 2,000 out of over 3,500 total cases until 16th September. Under the guidance of the National Level Central Committee on Prevention, Control, and Treatment of Covid-19, Yangon is preparing both in restricting the people and upgrading the necessary facilities.

Concerning the latest situation of Covid-19 in Yangon, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in her capacity as the Chairperson of the National Level Central Committee on Prevention, Control and Treatment of Covid-19, delivered the televised speech. She said, “All people know that Yangon has the most infection cases. This is because Yangon has the highest population density. People move about a lot. It has the highest number of people coming in and going out. So, I have to say that there have been some weaknesses in following the rules and regulations. If all of us followed the rules and regulations strictly beginning from now with full cooperation, we would be able to contain the situation in Yangon in the near future. Among those who passed away, the majority are elderly persons with underlying diseases. Young people sometimes do not show symptoms because they have good immunity. About 70 per cent of infected people do not show symptoms of the disease. This, in itself, is a danger. Family members can become infected by the asymptomatic person. There can be older adults in the family. There can be people with underlying diseases. That is why if one person becomes lax in following rules and regulations, this person could become a great danger to those around him. That is why I want each and every one to be careful.”

Not only the confirmed cases are increasing, the death rate is also getting higher comparing to that of earlier period. Since majority of the people do not show any symptoms, it is highly requested to the public to stay at home as much as possible in order not to be infected or be a silent carrier.

“We have adopted proper and suitable rules and disciplines in this matter. People are required to abide by these rules strictly. I am grateful to the civil service personnel for their efforts on the front-lines. People are advised to appreciate the efforts of civil service personnel. Mutual encouragement is required at present. The only thing I ask the people is to follow the rules and disciplines. The resurgence of COVID-19 began in the mid of August. People have noticed the transmission of this disease in early September, and have developed more awareness of the disease. Now it is the third week of September. If we could take control measures systematically, the fruitful results would come out within one or two weeks,” said the State Counsellor.  

The restrictions include imposing stay-at-home order, restricting going in and out of the region, restaurants providing only take away services, closures of schools, courses, cinema, pagodas, time-limited curfew and banning on mass gatherings. For the control and treatment sector, the hospitals are upgraded and the facility quarantine period is reduced to 14 days in order to receive more people, a temporary hospital at a football training field in front of the Thuwanna Stadium of Yangon to receive positive patients.

“The Union Government will provide all the possible assistance to the people. We will arrange for sufficient medical supplies. More medical treatment centres are being set up to cope with the increasing number of patients. More quarantine centres are being established, and the volunteers are contributing their services at these facilities. I wish to make a plea to volunteers and professionals to assist and cooperate in the efforts of our Union Government. I believe our people will provide assistance where needed. I would like to make a special appeal to this. I want to urge the people to cooperate in COVID-19 control and containment measures, especially in Yangon with the spread of COVID infections. I want to request to the people to have absolute confidence and firm determination to overcome this challenge,” said the State Counsellor.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin
Photo Credit - Myanmar State Counsellor Office