Souls of Russia Concert

12 June 2019

The special concert of Russian music called “Souls of Russia” was held at Yangon City hall at the pleasant night of 9th June. In the concert, four musicians from different countries, performed together the special pieces of Russian classical music by famous composers. Mr. Kimball Gallagher, Artistic Director of Myanmar Music Festival and who is also one of the performers, said, “We are introducing mainly Russian classical music. We partnered up with Russian Embassy to present this concert. We are presenting a lot of famous classical Russian composers who were known for many years.”

The concert was attended by Russian Ambassador to Myanmar, H.E Mr. Nikolay Listopado, Deputy Mayor of Yangon Region, U Soe Lwin, diplomats and invited guests. In his speech, H.E Mr. Nikolay Listopado mentioned, “This concert, Souls of Russia, is the concert of the Russian music but the performers are international from Myanmar, America, Malaysia and Taiwan. It’s important because music can appeal to our hearts and to our souls. Music unites us and gives us happiness, joy and hope that it makes us better.”


Myanmar Music Festival has been in its 6th season in a row. Assistant Director, also a Myanmar pianist, Ko Aung Moe Kyaw, said, “Myanmar Music Festival is the annual festival. We have this festival every year in June but we do have other small concerts organized by Myanmar Music Festival in other months. Usually, every year in June, we have big concert.”

Souls of Russia concert is also a part of it. Mr. Kimball Gallagher said, “On Myanmar Music Festival, we have two types of music concert to we perform pretty much. One of them is to introduce western style or classical music. The other type is that we work with Myanmar musicians and youths to do new arrangement of very famous Myanmar melodies and songs and wide range of different styles of music, as well.”

He also added, “All different kinds of music can support the cultural exchange. Many Russian melodies are well-known and people know it in their mind but they don’t know the source. So, when you start to realize the Russian music, people in Myanmar can become interested in Russian culture. This can be very interesting way for people to discover outside.”

Ma Apple, who enjoyed the concert with all joyfulness because it was her first time of listening to classical music said, “I like the classical music and the melodies they performed tonight make my mind refreshed. I feel like classical music can make our mind peaceful.”

Ko Aung Kyaw Moe also mentioned about their coming concert, “We have another coming up which is our Celebration Concert on 16th of June at Yangon City Hall where we will have lots of performers from all around Myanmar, and other countries.” ‘They are to display various arrangement of the collaboration of international and Myanmar traditional artists.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin