Smart pagoda plan

15 March 2019

U Thaung Htike, the spokesperson of the pagoda told media at the press briefing on Thursday that smart pagoda project is underway to upgrade the facility and improve the security at the city’s sacred tourist hub.

According to the official figure of the Shwedagon pagoda’s board of trustees, about 2500-3500 foreign visitors and tens of thousands of local visitors visit the Shwedagon pagoda every day.

Being the country’s top destination for the world travelers and the sacred religious site for the local population, the security situation of the pagoda is of paramount importance and often raises public concern, especially on significant religious days.

Therefore, told media recently that smart pagoda project is underway to upgrade the facility at the city’s sacred tourist hub.

U Thaung Htike said, “Now we call for tender to recruit the companies which can provide the innovative solutions. One of the technology includes face recognition which can identify the suspect. Another one works like if someone leaves something at a certain place for the particular amount of time, the CCTV captures it and gives out alarm so that this potentially dangerous object can be managed in time.”

Despite the ambitious project, the tender process to hire the company to implement is delayed for the time being, he added.

The pagoda has USD15.9 million as of 28th February 2019, according to the official data published by the board of trustees.

“We have Myanmar police force, Sa Thone Lone , Myanmar investigating body, tatmadaw security force, 300 members of security force of board, We have walk-through metal detectors, hand detectors and X-ray machine in every single gate to the pagoda. Another thing is drone, as the drone technology has developed considerably in the world, but sometimes the drones fly all the way to the pagoda’s sacred vane. And there could be two reasons, one being with the intention of damaging the vane and another reason could be that the drone accidentally hit the vane and other sacred parts like diamond bud due to technical setbacks, leading to unwanted damage. So flying drones is banned in Bahan, Sanchaung and Dagon townships for the security rationale,” he added.

Arker Kyaw