S. Okkalapa Women and Children Hospital receives hygiene equipment

29 June 2020

In the fight of COVID-19, cleanliness has become one of the most important aspects of taking measurement to prevent the spread of COVID-19 especially in the hospitals where the virus infected patients are given medical treatment and in quarantine centers. As disinfecting the hospital, the hospitals are in need of proper tools and equipment in cleaning the hospital wards and spraying disinfectant. Therefore with the aim to help the hospitals overcome some of these challenges, South Okkalapa Women and Children Hospital received hygiene equipment from the donors on 26 June which is worth more than USD 10,000 in cash. This South Okkalapa Women and Children Hospital is one of the three hospitals in Yangon where COVID-19 infected patients are kept and given medical treatment and this is also one of the quarantine centers in Yangon.


Dr. Win Maw Oo is the medical superintendent of South Okkalapa Women and Children Hospital and speaking to the media on the receiving ceremony of hygiene equipment, he said, “In this time of COVID-19 we are taking serious measures more than ever to prevent the spread of the virus. In doing so, cleanliness also plays essential role, therefore we are deeply grateful for what we have received today. I would say that we also want to say word of thanks to the donors on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Sports. We have not received any kind of donation in this hospital, and this is the first donation we have received. The equipment received today are really useful tools for the hospital, we have a program which is IPC (Infection Prevention and Control). We usually use soap and water or sanitizers which contain more than 60% alcohol in this process of prevention measures. But most of these practices are only meaningful for personal protection. For the best prevention of the virus we need more of well-equipped hospital where mass protective measures can be carried out in a short time.”

As this hospital is one of the three hospitals in Yangon where the infected patients and quarantined people are kept, it has now 25 virus infected patients in this hospital. Once the virus infected patient shows the negative results twice, then that person is discharged from the hospital but the discharged person still has to go through quarantine procedures for another 2 weeks at Phaunggyi Medical Center, and then if there is no sign of the infection during that time, that person can leave for home. However, another one week of home stay is mandatory for a person who has been discharged from Phaunggyi Medical Center.

Speaking on the current situation of the virus in Myanmar, Dr. Win Maw Oo also said, “All I can tell to the public not to be worried but also be worried, the reason as COVID-19 is fast infected virus, we are so worried of the possible second wave of this virus. It has become a huge burden for health workers like us, because we are doing all that we can and giving the best with the limited resources we have. We cannot replace these health workers with ordinary people, so my request to the public is to follow all the restrictions put forward by the Ministry of Health and Sports for the good of all and for the sake of health workers.”

Daw Tin Ohn Mar Tun is the chairperson-elect of Rotary Club Yangon and she also spoke on why her organization chose to donate hygiene equipment and she said, “I was once informed by  a person from this hospital that they were in need of hygiene equipment for the protection of the virus in the hospital, and we also feel that cleanliness and disinfection are such essential area to curb the spread of the virus. One of the main reasons why the virus spread so easily is unhygienic environment and we are not able to do proper disinfection, this is the reason why we decided to donate this hygiene equipment for this hospital.”

Phyo Thi and Willinson