The Role of Birds for Nature

13 August 2019

Birds are important to both nature and human in many ways; they are a source of food and fertilizer. Birds are also important to the ecosystem in many ways; they pollinate the flowers and disperse seeds. As with other native organisms, birds help maintain sustainable population levels of their prey and predator species and after death provide food for scavengers and decomposers. Many birds are important in plant reproduction through their services as pollinators or seeds dispersers. Therefore to highlight the importance role birds play in maintaining the balance of the nature, “Myanmar Birds” photo exhibition was held on 9 August 2019 at Yangon gallery. These bird photos are captured and collected Ko Phyo for nearly a decade and here they are being exhibited as a message to the people to love natural habitats and it is also a call to start contributing for preserving of these natural habitats.


Speaking to MI Radio, Ko Cyra, a member of the exhibition team said, “The purpose of this exhibition is to showcase the works of Ko Phyo who had been working nearly a decade in taking photography of birds and this is all his work of documenting different birds across Myanmar. Another main aim of the exhibition is to urge the people on preserving our environment as well.”

Very few people are interested in preserving the forest and natures whereas the people have been exploiting the natures for centuries. This is the time that we need to raise the voice to preserve the nature and its habitats. This kind of bird exhibition is a rare exhibition but Ko Phyo who is the photographer of these bird photos wants to make a wakeup call to the people to love the natures. Speaking on to MI Radio on the inspiration he got behind documenting birds in Myanmar, Ko Phyo, the photographer said, “We see very few people are interested about the birds around our environment, but I want to promote the interest of the people for birds and other wildlife as well. The birds and nature are interrelated to each other always. In order to preserve birds, there must be a fine environment for them. Therefore my main aim is to show that we must maintain and preserve our environment well so that we can preserve birds and other natural habitats with us. This is the reason for holding this exhibition”.

Speaking on the important role birds plays in nature, U Thein Aung, the chairman of Myanmar Bird and Nature Society said, “Birds pollinates, they consume nectar from the flowers, and at the same they also provide the service of pollination. Not only that after pollination, it helps dispersing the seeds of plants which in result brings reproduction of the plants. Moreover, the birds which feed on fruits, they also contribute a lot in reproduction of the plants through their dungs. In this way the birds contribute in growing more plants for our environment. Another big contribution which the birds provide is that some birds are also fed on insects which as a result keep the balance of insect population and the balance of the nature as well. But if the birds don’t consume these insects, insects will be a big problem to the nature. By feeding on insects which destroy vegetables and other agricultural products, the birds also help us in many ways.”

Speaking on how can we contribute in preserving bird population and preserve our environment, U Thein Aung said, “I urge all the people not to consume birds and other wildlife as well because if we consume these products, there must be a market for this product, when there is the consumer, there is the seller. When there is seller, there have to be hunter. Hunting will definitely reduce the population of wildlife, on the other side, these wildlife are losing their habitant. Therefore with the reducing space for wildlife and hunter’s danger, this wildlife is in the edge of being extinct.  Another thing we can contribute is, we must contribute to the work of preserving nature with what we can, if we cannot participate ourselves, at least support the organizations financially which are doing it, it does not matter big amount or small.”