Review on Myanmar Ethnic Culture Festival

08 February 2019

The Myanmar Ethnic Culture Festival which was held for six days starting from 25 till 30 of January 2019 at Kyaikasan Ground had come to an end with its successful celebration. The festival saw the participation of all the ethnic groups across Myanmar and it drew a large number of audiences during the six days festival. Now let’s take a look on the review of Myanmar Ethnic Culture Festival.

While the preparation for the festival was still going on, Min Ba Nya San, the General Secretary of Myanmar Ethnic Entrepreneurs Association said, “This festival is led by Myanmar Ethnic Entrepreneurs Association with the purpose of promoting the cultures and traditions of the ethnic groups as well as travel destinations. It is also to promote the products from the ethnic areas, the traditional dancing, clothes and items to boast the economy of the ethnic areas. Another purpose is to learn the cultures and the traditions of one another’s”.

It was such a lovely festival to see the cultures and traditions of all the ethnic groups in Myanmar and most importantly the coming together of all the ethnic groups in Myanmar as one and showed the unity among the people. The festival was unforgettable six days with dancing, songs and all the cultural shows in the festival.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the festival, Naing Thet Lwin, the Union Minister for Ethnic Affairs said, “I’m extremely happy for the celebration of this Myanmar Ethnic Festival and I am hoping that all the entrepreneurs from the ethnic regions will collaborate in the process of achieving peace in their respective areas. May the peaceful and just nation be built for long through this Myanmar Ethnic Entrepreneurs Festival! I here conclude my speech with the wish of building just, equal and democratic nation and I urge all the ethnic people to come forward and work together to achieve this goal.”

U Phyo Min Thein, Chief Minister of Yangon Region, speaking at the ceremony also said, “I assume that the outcomes of this festival have come out. Holding this festival after the Independence Day and before the Union Day is an honor and a privilege. I hereby express my gratitude for taking such an important festival for the future of our nation. I also want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the people who took the initiatives for this festival. Through this festival, we may be able to build ethnic solidarity amongst each other, as we come to learn each other’s cultures and traditions, taste the delicious foods from each other’s, and learn about the products from ethnic areas. And through ethnic solidarity we are able to connect each other in business sector as the growth of economy is vital for the development of any area. We also have a chance to prepare for the future business plans among us. And by learning the cultures and traditions of all the ethnic groups, we can build the bridge for a better future. In brief, we can build the economy, exchange the cultures and improve the relation among us.”

One of the most exciting and famous program in this festival was “Miss Ethnic Myanmar 2019”. The coveted winner prize for the “Miss Ethnic Myanmar 2019” was awarded to M Ja Seng from the Kachin state, the first runner up and second runner up were won by the state of Chin and Kayah respectively.

Hai Ket, one of the representatives from Kayah state said, “Without the need of travelling across Myanmar, we have a chance to learn about the cultures and traditions of all the ethnic groups in Myanmar, and I am very happy for that. We have a chance to learn and know what we don’t know about the ethnic groups from our nation. And it is such a blissful event to meet new friends here. I am grateful that we could celebrate the festival for six days without any disturbance.”

“As you know there are some problems in our nation right now which are not easy to solve, at this time we have a chance to meet all together here. I believe there are more doors opening for us through this event. When we mingle with each other like this, we come to know more about other’s traditions, difficulties, and the social norms and then we know dos and dons about one another as well as what to exchange from one another. I believe the festival like this is very much valuable. I believe that this is also a good step for the future of our nation.”

After the festival is over, Min Banya San, the General Secretary of Myanmar Ethnic Entrepreneurs Association spoke to MI Radio and said, “The success for the festival was more than what we expected. Firstly, there were more visitors, we anticipated around 600,000 but 900,000 to 1,000,000 visitors came to the festival. Secondly, all the ethnic groups participated. And all kind of shows and foods were included, there were many entertainments too”.

The plan for the next year has been also fixed and regarding next year’s plan, Min Banya San said, “For the next year, we roughly draw a plan to celebrate the festival till 9 of February, approximately for a week. And we are working hard to give a better experience for the festival where we target to do it in international level. For this year the focus was around the surrounding of Yangon but in the next year we will try to do in a wide range where we target to attract the international visitors.”