The President; Firm Belief in Collectively Establishment of True Democratic Federal Union

13 February 2020

The 12th February 2020 is the 73rd Union Day of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, which was celebrated across the country. The grand celebration for the Union Day also took place in Yangon. The 73rd Union Day celebration held at Maha Bandoola Park in Yangon was attended by U Phyo Min Thien, Chief Minister of Yangon Region Government, the Speaker of Yangon Region Hluttaw, governmental and departmental officials, Tatmadaw officials, Hluttaw representatives, ethnic cultural organizations, students, and invited guests. 


First at the ceremony, Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein read out the message of greetings on the occasion of the 73rd Union Day sent by President U Win Myint. The president shared his belief that with collective efforts, a true Democratic Federal Union can be established for all ethnic nationals.

Speaking to MI Radio on the reason of the importance of Union Day for all ethnics and the State, U Phyo Min Thein, Chief Minister of Yangon Region Government, said “In our union, all the ethnic nationals are living together in harmony with union spirits, so, we must work together to preserve the cultures and customs of all the nationals and to have equal opportunity and social development of all the nationals. I firmly believe that when there is no doubt or mistrust among our ethnic nationals, we can strengthen the national unity and national reconciliation, which can result in establishment of a true Democratic Federal Union.”

In the message, the President also said that the constitution is vital for a nation, so, all the nationals must keep on striving to adopt a constitution which is in accordance with the standards and fundamental principles of the democracy, and which is relevant to the context and objectives of the nation.

Mahn Myint Sein, who is a member of Kayin Literature & Culture Committee (Yangon), speaking to MI Radio on why the building of Democratic Federation Union is vital for the country, he said, “We believe that building peace within the nation is the responsibility of all nationals and we have to work in unity for that. This is a must for our country to be able to stand high in the world. Otherwise, all our generations, the nation’s next generations will be left behind. We have to make changes in all aspects. Especially, we have to make sure the reform of the current constitution to build the Democratic Federal Union. The government is also trying to do so.”

According to the message of President U Win Myint, the present government has formulated the national policy for the implementation of peace process by taking it as the main priority. Peace is believed to be critical for the nation’s development, sustainability of democracy, resolve for the internal armed conflicts, and achievement of sustainable peace. 

Speaking to MI Radio on how General Aung San tried for Panglong Agreement signing, U Aung Naing Htun, Yangon Region Hluttaw Representative, Thanlyin Township Constituency 2, “We have to work in unity based on the current contexts, which are getting better. This is the time to have face to face discussions to find the solution for the inclusion in the peace process. Inclusivity is important for the ethnic nationals to show how they are representing and what they are working for their ethnic groups. This is the best time to prove their efforts to all nationals.”

Myanmar was occupied by Colonialists for more than 100 years, and the independence was regained by sacrificing the lives, blood and sweat of the nationals for many years. General Aung San and the leaders of the national races signed the historic Panglong Agreement on 12th February 1947 to prove the unity of all nationals with the purpose of gaining independence in both mainland and hilly regions. This is the significant effort in achieving the independence, so, 12th February is regarded as the Union Day and the government of all years has been celebrating the Union Day as grand ceremony.

Pyay Thein and Ye Naing