The present condition and processes in accepting returnees currently, explained briefly by the Deputy Commissioner of the Maung Daw District U Soe Aung

04 December 2018                                                                                              

As the repatriation processes have been prepared well currently from the side of Myanmar to peacefully accept the returnees since January 23, and also have got information from the Bangladesh side that 2,261 returnees will be sent since Nov 15. For that physical arrangements are complete on Myanmar’s side and the 2,261 returnees can be accepted since 7am, on Nov 17. Officials are already in place at the Taung Pyo Letwe friendship bridge gate to welcome the returnees. The officials include Rakhine State’s Minister for Security and Border Affairs Col. Phone Tint, who is also the Joint-Chairman of the Working Committee for Repatriation of Displaced People, and Rakhine State’s Minister of Electricity, Industry, and Transportation U Aung Kyaw Zan. But no actual returnees have been sent from the Bangladesh even though it’s already November 30.

As for the present condition and processes for accepting the returnees which kind of steps will be taken? For that, I have interviewed the Deputy Commissioner of the Maung Daw District U Soe Aung, he said, “For the current condition, I attended the third Myanmar-Bangladesh Joint-Working Group meeting in Dhaka on 30 October. An agreement was made to repatriate 2,261 people as the first batch of returnees on 15 November. The 2,261 people slated to return to Rakhine state were on a list of 8,032 people sent by Bangladesh and were scrutinized at the Home Affairs Ministerial meeting held in Dhaka in February this year. Bangladesh has informed Myanmar that the first batch of displaced people will return by sea route to the Nga Khu Ya Reception Centre, and later, they informed that they will be taken to the Taung Pyo Letwe Reception Centre by road. And Myanmar had completed preparations for their return. For us, we will be accepting every returnee as the confirmation that we have made between the two country.”

And he also state for how examination for the returnees works as, “ we will not be examining any other processes than that we have publicly announced because , all of the examination and security has been made since the start of 2016”

So how many days will the returnees will be settle in Hla Pho Khaung before sending to the actually places of where the returnees should be as the information, he has also explained like this, “ So, the maximum will be around 2 months but, if the returnees have actual ground information and real footage of where they have lived or where knowing and having where they will be living  as a family, the time they will be living in Hla Pho Khaung will be in maximum of one and a half month.”

Moreover for the NVC card that we will be giving to the returnees might be alittle complicated for people who don’t know what the card is about, for that he also breilfy explained about it, “So, we will be handing out NVC card after immigrating them one by one in an E-government system. The NVC card simply can be state as pre NRC card. The card can be a token to get NRC in the future. But while having NVC card, one can still have freedom of accessible, even though we may have security  observations for the certain period.”

Moreover, He said they will follow the signed arrangement with Bangladesh and cooperate in the repatriation process. And he also guarantees that the repatriation is voluntary, safe and dignified for the returnees.