Politicians assert the political means is the only solution to resolve the conflict in Rakhine

11 February 2019

Politicians pointed out that the political means, instead of fighting, is the only solution to resolve the conflict in Rakhine.                                                                    

That was said at a talk which took place in Yangon, where 30 political associations announced their stand towards the handling of current Rakhine conflict.

Despite the declaration of the temporary ceasefire for four months, AA’s attack occurred in Rakhine State in early January. 

Experts comment that fighting is not the solution to the conflict resolution in Rakhine but all the involved parties need to come together and discuss the issue in peace.

U Kyaw Myint, chair of Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) said, “The most important message we want to give is that Rakhine issue is the issue of the union. The conflict has not been around in Rakhine for 40 years. The conflict in Rakhine needs to be taken with serious consideration. The western border, Rakhine is very vital for the country. They are gateways. The important projects of the government are in Rakhine state. So the arrival of conflict to this crucial place calls for important action and awareness among public. That’s how this discussion came up.”

“Now they are utilizing the fight against each other, but this will not lead to conflict resolution. What we really need to do is to come together and bring the issue to the table and discuss in peace. Political means is the only way to resolve the conflict. In discussing also, we need to discuss for the good of everyone, not just for only one group nor individuals,” he added.

U Kyee Myint, Advocate of Union Lawyer’s and Paralegals’ Association expressed, “This is the pressing issue to discuss for the country now. What I will be highlighting is that we are aware of all the suffering and trouble, facing all the ethnic people.”

Recent reactions to the conflict in Rakhine state lead to the doubt and worry among ethnic people, jeopardy in the international community and peace process. And in order to contain the situations in time, 30 political associations request that all the decisions and reactions to the conflict be reconsidered and corrected as soon as possible.

U Oo Hla Myint from ALD said, “Don’t take the conflict happening in Rakhine state is only pertinent to the Rakhine. This is the cause of union. As we all are aware, this is involved by the international community and western people. So I urge everyone to handle this issue with proper strategy and above all peaceful way of resolution.”

Arker Kyaw