Pilot Project of YBS-Railways Interchange Commenced

03 December 2019

In collaboration with Traffic Police, YCDC, Myanma Railways, JICA and YRTA, the first ever pilot project in Yangon for interchange between railway and YBS was first carried out on 2nd December at Thamine railway station. This pilot project will be carried out till 8th December under the supervision of JICA which is the key player for technical support for the project. With the increasing number of population and bus-centered transport system for daily commuters cause heavy traffic jam almost every day in Yangon. Nearly two million daily commuters use the bus for their transportation in the city. Therefore with the aim to reduce traffic jam and provide the public with more options in their daily means of commuting, the project was commenced. The pilot project will allow the commuters interchange their way quickly from train to YBS or YBS to train.

Speaking at the commencing ceremony of the project, U Hla Aung, Joint Secretary of YRTA said, “Although there are three main transportation ways for the public in Yangon such as YBS, Water Bus and train, YBS is the most reliable one for the public and it has also become the most effective mean to travel around Yangon. As NLD-led government is in the midst of implementing better transport system in Myanmar, the implementation is not quite effective as it should be, due to insufficient human resources and lack of technical support. This is the reason why we are collaborating with some of the international organizations such as JICA, ADB and other organizations for the necessary support. This project will help us improve the transport system in Yangon, commencing this project does not mean that it will bring the change to transport system and it will solve all about transportation in Yangon because this is the pilot project for us. However though this may not solve the traffic jam problem in Yangon effectively, it is definitely very much essential for the future transport system in Myanmar.”

The main aim of this pilot project is to make it easier for the commuters transit from bus to train or vice versa, the project also includes listening to the voice of the public whether the project is helpful in their daily travel or not. As the main focus for pilot project is Thamine railway station, it will study how many passengers use the train from this station and how they use the bus after the interchange.

Speaking to the media on the importance of this pilot study, Mr. Yuji Sano, representative of JICA Myanmar Office said, “We are now working on improving the public transportation system in Yangon city and in order to do that we need to make use of the full potential of the existing transport system. Now we have the circular railway and also public bus transportation system. By connecting this two, we can make clear demonstration between the bus service and the train service and by doing that people can effectively use both the transportations. So we believe this kind of project can contribute to the improvement of the transportation system of Yangon.”

Speaking on how far this project will help solve the problem of congestion in Yangon if the project goes well, Mr. Yuji Sona also said, “So this is the pilot project, we are now piloting whether our improvement measures could work or not. So if that is possible, we can replicate this kind of model in other side but now we are under discussion.”