Over 3000 cases reported within September

18 September 2020

With a significant increase in the number of infected cases, Myanmar has currently ranked in the fifth place with the over 3,800 infected cases among ASEAN countries. Myanmar reported its new death of COVID-19 in September. Since the 4th of September to the 17th of September over 50 people died from the COVID-19 and over 3000 cases were reported within the same month. The number of the locally transmitted positive cases is increasing a lot these days not only in Metropolitan cities like Yangon but also in other regions and states. The risk of the community transmission remains still high due to the rainy season and its flu season combination with the COVID-19 symptoms.

Dr. Than Naing Soe, Director of the Health Knowledge Promotion Division spoke to MI Radio, he said, “As the positive cases increase, the number of the contact cases rises, too. So we have currently arranged to put more quarantine centers in each township. Currently there are over 4000 quarantine centers in the country and we are going to expand some Hospitals and Quarantine centers as the number of the confirmed cases is increasing. While the number of the positive cases and death cases is increasing, the number of the recovered cases is also rising. The number of the cases continues surging within these days. We are going to expand temporary hospitals in the YOMA housing and National Football Academy and Phaunggyi COVID-19 Medical Center. The discharged people have to stay home quarantine for a week and they still have to avoid the crowded places these days. As the infections can be infected from people to people, so public should stay at home and follow the social distancing rules.”

Myanmar reported 374 cases in almost five months after the beginning of outbreak. However the number of the cases has risen rapidly per day since the mid-August with the highest number of over 3000 cases. Since the 4th of the September to the 17th of September a total of over 50 deaths were reported. Yangon becomes the country’s COVID-19 center with more than 2,100 cases followed by Rakhine State with about 800 cases. Cases were reported in 151 townships across the country with only Kayah State reporting no COVID-19 cases. In Yangon, Thingangyun Township is the highest number with the infections. South Okkalapa Township is one of the townships which became the most infected townships since the COVID-19 resurgence.

U Moe Myint, Region Hluttaw representative from South Okkalapa Township spoke to MI Radio about the current prevention process. He said, “In this period, South Okkalapa Township is one of the townships which have to follow the stay at home restrictions under the Ministry of Health and Sports. We strictly controlled to the markets and urged the people to follow the social distancing and wear the masks. Before the resurgence, there were only a few COVID-19 infected cases. But nowadays, the number of the infected cases is increasing a lot. So we expand some Quarantine center in our township and we immediately contact the Yangon Region Health Department as the people in the quarantine centers have shown some symptoms of the infections."

Due to the rapid surge of the COVID-19 cases since the August, Myanmar has overtaken the other ASEAN members behind Malaysia with more than 9,900 cases, Singapore with more than 57,000, Indonesia with more than 225,000 and the Philippines with more than 269,000 COVID-19 cases. Around the world, a total of more than 30 million people around the world are infected with the infections with more than 945,000 deaths and more than 21 million people were recovered from this deadly disease according to the data from the Worldometer Coronavirus Resource Center. With the latest update from the Ministry of Health and Sports on 18 September, a total of 4299 people are infected with 61 deaths and 944 recoveries. 

Photo Credit - Ministry of Health and Sports Myanmar