Nearly K 20 billion in total awarded on 17th state lottery occasion

02 July 2020

The 17th state lottery occasion was held in Internal Revenue Department on July 1st and there are 19145.412 million kyats in total were awarded by the government. It also included 250 million kyats which is the award money but the winners didn’t come to receive from the last occasions. The total revenue from selling the 17th state lottery tickets was just over 30 billion kyats and this revenue amount was returned to customers in prizes a 60% of total revenue.

There were 3 million, one hundred, ninety nine thousand and 22 ticket books with 35 million, ninety nine thousand nine hundred and 22 lottery tickets were mass-produced despite the numbers of ticket were reduced as one alphabet was left to produce. The maximum prize for Myanmar State Lottery is 1.5 billion kyats and the minimum prize is 50,000 kyats. The customer from who lives in Monywa Township, Sagaing Region won the jackpot prize of the 17th state lottery by Aung Su Htoo Paing Lottery Ticket Shop, one of the most well-known ticket distributor brands in Myanmar.

U Aung Htun Khaing is a ticket agent cum an owner of lottery ticket retail shop and he said the conditions of current Myanmar lottery market and some economic impacts that faced the stakeholders from lottery sector.

U Aung Htun Khaing, Owner of Mahar Lar Ban Lottery Ticket Shop said The supply rate is gradually increasing compared to the covid-19 outbreak. There has no leftover lottery tickets starting from June and for July, almost all tickets are sold out. People do the lottery that has excess money to afford but in this period, people are relying on the lottery tickets as their lives are going hard because of the covid-19 outbreak. Almost all the retailers get losses and so do I, lost for about 1,000 lakh in three months. We will need more time for the stability of the situations. If the demand is high, we can recover our losses. I bought a hundred thousand set of 11-ticket-books this month. The ticket prices in rural areas can a little be high because of the transportation costs.

Mahar Lar Ban Lottery Ticket Shop has just won the 50 million, which is one of the grand prizes.

Myanmar’s lottery, known as Aung Bar Lay, is also a big business, raising tens of millions of dollars in state revenue a year and supporting a wide network of wholesalers, distributors and retailers and the end customers. The State lottery Directorate, the official authority department, sells tickets to distributers at K900 per ticket as official wholesale price. The particular states and regions were in semi-lockdown. So, the ticket distribution to states and regions was inconvenient but many of distributors, wholesalers and retailers have faced many losses. The state lottery department reduced the number of tickets by pulling out of one alphabet to raise the demand for lottery tickets.

U Kyaw Yin, Retailer, Ngwe Nan Soe Lottery Ticket Shop “When the covid-19 outbreak occurred first, we got losses in this sector. People have to obey the stay-at-home rules and they’re not much interested in doing the lottery service. As the lockdowns are eased and people can go to places easier than before, the demand for lottery sector becomes high. Some buy only a single ticket or sometimes sets of 3 or 4, 5 tickets altogether as well. People seem to take interest in lottery as the outbreak of covid-19 affects the livelihood of the people. Some lose their jobs, so, if they won the lottery, they wouldn’t have much to worry about their lives. Our shop gets the 200,000 worth prize as the highest.”

Phyo Thi and Soe Yadana