Myanmar Tourism Awards 2018 to celebrate at Chatrium Hotel, Yangon on 11 Dec

05 December 2018

Over the past few years, Myanmar Tourism Sector was quite busy due to many tourists from all across Myanmar visiting to Myanmar. From the perspective of country economy, it was such a great help and benefit for Myanmar. However, the question still remained whether we are following the responsible tourism or not.

Now, the current market of Myanmar Tourism is quite slow comparing to the past, which is not a big threat for Myanmar yet. Many tourists from Asia are coming in since Myanmar is becoming more open, in term of political, economy, social and etc. Despite of some criticisms on the governments of Myanmar, Myanmar is becoming more stable now.

Now, all different stakeholders are working together to boost Myanmar Tourism in a competitive market by providing capacity training, awareness training, changing policy, fining out new tourist destinations and more.

What Myanmar Tourism Awards is basically about we are trying to get involved all tourism businesses from Myanmar that are trying to develop tourism industry of Myanmar in a responsible way. There are six different categories and the application was open to the public in August. All the Tourism Businesses were invited to apply for the application of Myanmar Tourism Awards and showed their best responsible tourism practices as possible.

“We are trying to get more responsible products, get more tourists to use the responsible products, get a nice competition going in Myanmar between responsible tourism businesses,” expressed Ms. Johanna Pelikan, Programme Manager of Myanmar Responsible Tourism Awards.

To raise awareness about responsible tourism to Myanmar, it is held, says Ms. Johanna Pelikan. “We want to raise awareness about it because it is still sometimes people are not sure what responsible tourism means. Does it mean I need to skip plastic straws now? We are trying to tell them it has a different component to it and as a different way to look at it. At the ceremony, when we award the winners that is when we raise awareness about that is a great pioneer we have in Myanmar.”

On 11 December 2018, Myanmar Tourism Awards will be held at the Chatrium Hotel, Yangon. The ceremony will start from 5:30 pm with gala dinner in the evening till late until awarding ceremony ends.

For the application process, altogether 45 applications have been received from Myanmar different tourism sector and out of 45, 25 applicants have been shortlisted. Among 25 nominees, 6 winners will be awarded with different rewards such as Best Responsible Tourism Accommodation, Best Responsible Tour Operator, Tourism Products for Empowerment, Innovation, Best Awareness Raising Project, and Community Involvement in Tourism.

“It is important to send out the message saying this responsible tourism exists in Myanmar. By doing it, people will be aware of it,” says Ms. Johanna Pelikan.