Myanmar sees vivid shift to digital transformation platform amidst Covid-19

29 January 2021

Over the past few months, we have already seen how digital technology helps in the fight against Covid-19. Some examples include Remote working technologies to support social distancing for maintaining business community, tapping into big data collection to support Covid-19 infection rates as well as in improving our quality of life.

U Zaw Win Htun is the Secretary of MCPA, stated his perspective on most of the industry sectors as to Myanmar's sudden shift to digital transformation platform amidst Covid-19, he said, "In the time of the pandemic, digital transformation has become a game changer for most of the businesses, whether it is small or big. I would say majority of businesses have moved to online digital platform and operating that way. Sales are mostly available through online now and delivery system has improved a lot. However, we still have some difficulties and problems such as the security of money transaction and lack of systematic regulations for online sales and logistics."

Individual workers have also seen an improvement in quality of life by using software and technology to aid in their works. Ko Naing Naing Kyaw is the taxi driver from Tamwe township told us more about how technology helps him in his day to day life, he said, "As I am a taxi driver, I find it more convenient to use software and application to aid in my work. The applications allow us to clearly communicate on pick up, drop off and price with the customers. It also helps us in connecting to customers and I think it is more reliable to let the app track the destination in an instant than to rely on by asking other people. Overall, I think the digital transformation will even thrive more in the future."

One of the responses we have seen to how people are approaching in this period of social distancing is in huge overnight changes to their shopping behaviors, from bulk buying to online shopping, how they socialize and communicate through online. U Kyaw Kyaw Htun is the Regional Hluttaw Representative of Hline Constituency-1 told us more about his experiences in aforementioned topic.

"In this Covid-19 period, not being able to work together in the same room with colleagues and not being able to hold meeting in large number of people has become a major challenge due to the pandemic. But technology and software has become one of the most reliable things in doing these essential routines. We could now hold virtual meetings as well as work through online by using applications."

Even after the pandemic potentially over in the future, it is evident that the technology innovations are helping to manage the daily life of all the people.