Myanmar Resident in Beijing shares experience fighting the virus

25 March 2020

Myanmar recently announced first two confirmed cases of coronavirus on Monday midnight.

The announcement on the Facebook page of the Health Ministry says the Yangon patient is a 26-year-old male who had recently traveled from the United Kingdom and was hospitalized Saturday. The 36-year-old male patient from Chin State is said to have recently traveled from the United States and was hospitalized Monday.

The government had already restricted the entry of visitors from countries considered to have serious outbreaks and canceled April’s celebrations of the Thingyan annual traditional water festival.

Ma Su Thet Hmue, who is working at China Media Group in Beijing shares her experience during the outbreak in Beijing. "Now Myanmar reports confirmed cases. So what do we do? The first thing we should do is to reduce the panic in one's mind. Since I live in the country where the outbreak started, I know what it's like when the first confirmed cases were announced. We had to go through this sort of situation. We were panicked as well. We have no idea how we will get infected and from whom this infection will come. We will panic and get anxious if someone sneezes or coughs around you. So I would to encourage you to reduce the anxiety and fear if you are panicking now. The medical workers and the government will do their work. The general public are advised to follow the advice and instruction of the doctors and the Ministry of Health and Sports. So what I suggest is---please stay home as much as possible, and avoid going to public places. Then, protect yourself. And be well-informed and cautious of the health knowledge at all times. And I would like to urge Myanmar people to come together, disciplined in fighting against this pandemic.

Experts have attributed the outbreak to a novel coronavirus that has since spread across China and abroad with confirmed cases now exceeding 330,000 globally.

As of 24th March data, China: 81,747 confirmed cases (including 427 originating abroad); 3,283 deaths (including four in Hong Kong and two in Taiwan); 73,299 recovered.

After five days of zero new cases, central China's Hubei Province reported one new COVID-19 case on Monday.

Wuhan will lift outbound travel restrictions starting April 8 after over two months on lockdown.

2020 Tokyo Olympics will be postponed by one year because of the coronavirus, International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound said. But the official announcement is yet to be made.

She continued to explain how Chinese medical experts are sharing experience and knowledge in treating the disease.

“Now the COVID-19 is happening across the world. The medical experts who have participated in fighting the pandemic in China are now going to help other countries. Some experts are sharing their experience and knowledge in handling the crisis through the video conference. Two famous medical experts from China also shared their knowledge and experience in fighting and controlling the outbreak through video conference on March 19th. It has been four times the video conferences are held to share the knowledge and experience. Currently, China is sharing those knowledge and experience to the European countries.”

Arker Kyaw