Myanmar needs to stay cautious about possible another Covid-19 resurgence

13 January 2021   

The Covid-19 infection in Myanmar is gradually decreasing with the daily reported rate of less than 5% of total specimen tests in January. The Ministry of Health and Sports and the National Level Central Committee on Prevention, Control and Treatment of Covid-19 together with the voluntary organizations are working in harmony in order to keep the country safe from another resurgence of the virus.

The restrictions against Covid-19 extended until the end of January are still in effect, which includes the ban on arrival of the international tourists.  On the other hand, the government is raising funds with more efforts being put into receiving the Covid-19 vaccine in the near future.

The medical professionals said that despite the government’s effort to control over the disease, what important to prevent another possible resurgence of Covid-19 is the cautiousness of the people to stay alert. 

Dr. Min Min Tun, Deputy Head of Yangon West District Public Health Department, said, “If we review this year of our experience with the Covid-19, the infection and virus spread mainly rely on the people’s response to the disease including their cautiousness and how they abide by the rules and regulations. We need to continue the livelihood in all aspects: business, education and social affairs. As for the government, it has invested time, human resources and finance to get the vaccine. Despite the rollout of the vaccine, Covid-19 will continue existing in the world. It does not matter how it is defined as second wave or third wave, the public will have to continue living in accord with the preventative measures.”

Asia is seriously alarmed for the spread of new variant strain of the coronavirus, which was initially found in UK. Japan, Republic of Korea, Viet Nam and Thailand have detected this new strain of the virus from the visitors. The Ministry of Health and Sports announced the travel ban on the residents of the UK and Northern Ireland and the travellers who have visited those countries during the last 14 days from visiting Myanmar. The quarantine period for the arrivals from foreign countries is set for 14 days.

When monitoring the new strain of the virus, the local voluntary organizations are engaged in Covid-19 prevention, control and treatment processes are also preparing for possible resurgence of the virus and an increase of local transmitted cases.

U Kyaw Kyaw Oo, Chairman of Myitta Warde Voluntary Organization, said, “Since the beginning of the Covid-19, we have prepared our mind to sacrifice for everything necessary. Now, we reduce some of the procedures of our organization because of calm situation of the virus. In case the third wave starts, we will again accelerate our effort. We have also planned to buy necessary equipment for another possible resurgence of the disease. We have fulfilled the equipment, manpower and competency enhancement.”

U Hla Kyi, a resident from Twantay Township, said, “The people should live with a situation better than now. They should act as per government’s instructions such as wearing mask. I think every citizen needs to participate together in the prevention against this disease. As we have to work for our living, we are living with care despite fear.”

Till now, the new variant strain of the virus has not been found out within the country. Myanmar people are highly alerted to the possibility of the new variant of the virus while controlling the ongoing locally-transmitted virus.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin, Pyay Thein and Bo Bo Thein