Myanmar, Korea showcased the 2nd Independence Movement International Film Festival

7 January 2019

2nd Independence Movement International Festival took place from 4th to 5th January at the Myanmar motion picture organization cinema in Yangon on Friday.

Yangon Mayor U Maung Maung Soe, the responsible persons from MMPO, the Hangil Foundation and the members of Myanmar motion picture society attended the event.

Five Korean and Myanmar films were screened for free admission in the 1st Independence Movement International Festival in 2018.

In 2nd Independence Movement International Festival in Myanmar, 1 Myanmar film and 2 Korean films were screened at the Myanmar motion picture organization cinema.

Mr. Lee Won Hyuk for more on the festival said, “The festival themed as “Learning the history through films”, It’s been three years that the Independence Movement International Festival is held. The festival has been gaining its growing popularity as one which highlights the independence movement of the various countries and it is held in Souel, Incheon and Jongju cities and Independence Historical Museum in Korea as well as abroad since 2016-2017 Korea Independence Day.”

The objective of the festival is to highlight the stories about the countries which had once been annexed, and to enlighten the viewers through the films about the historic independence leaders and the important history of the country.

It also aims to promote the bilateral friendship between Korea and Myanmar.

Mr. Lee Won Hyuk also added his perspective towards the independence in Myanmar, comparing the independence movement of other countries.

“The British ruled Ireland and Myanmar pretty much the way. And General Aung San of Myanmar and Micheal Collons of Ireland are independence leaders who were assassinated by their own citizens. The same tragic thing happened to Kim Gu, the national leader of Korea. All three leaders share the same tragedy where they were assassinated while struggling for the country’s independence.”

U Zin Wine, the chair of Myanmar Motion Picture Organization said, “Hangil foundation reached out to us last year and we happened to put up the festival since then. One Myanmar film that we are screening is “Ta Pyi Thu Ma Shwe Htar”. It’s an academy award winning film and it highlights the period where Myanmar was struggling for independence. I am sure the audience will love it.”

Two Korean Films named “Man of Will” and “ I can speak” were also screened during the festival.

Mr. Lee Won Hyuk once wrote “How would the country be now if the leaders had not been assassinated and they were still alive to lead the country? General Aung San once said in his speech saying “Independence is not a thing one can give away, the absolute independence comes when you are all ready and capacitated to accept it.”

He continued to mention that Myanmar, Korea and Ireland were not strong enough to accept the independence at the time. The people collectively could not manage to protect the leaders who gave all they had to achieve the independence. It’s also exhausting to see the fact that our countries bear the brunt of the powerful countries can be traced back to the impact of the colony system. What is our plan for the future? After all the periods with different political system, Myanmar cannot catch up with other countries in development aspect. Blaming on the other is not enough, every individual needs to engage in the effort to drive towards the country’s development.

Arker Kyaw