Myanmar Handicrafts Industry more likely to go booming with strong and clear policy

11 February 2019             

Myanmar handicraft business has a record of all time high ever year, but not sure the revenues are going to into the country’s well-being. Year by year, the revenues have been increasing, says Panngabar Myanmar Handicrafts, based in Bago, Myanmar. However, there is limited volume when Myanmar exports its handicrafts to the international markets due to no proper policy for traders, especially handicrafts makers.

The owners of Myanmar handicrafts have to manage selling out their products on their own ways. Still, they are making a lot of profits, according to the conversation MI Radio had at the Mega Expo 2019, Tatmadaw hall, where many local products, particularly housing, living and furniture were introduced.

Myanmar handicraft maker said, having a booth at the exhibition is definitely more efficient than running the shop at home.

Being an exhibitor at the expo will give you an opportunity to meet a whole range of people from different backgrounds, to do networking. Myanmar’s local handicrafts business owners are now looking for new markets.

Myanmar exports handicrafts to nearby countries, especially Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and China. The owner of Panngabar Myanmar Handicrafts, U Aung Kyaw San told MI Radio that when he went to international expo in China, it was not allowed to carry more than one luggage to display the booth in foreign countries while the other countries such as Laos and Vietnam  exhibit a large volume of handicrafts at the expo.

Limited volume of handicrafts when joining the expo will not make you being able to compete with international markets. U Aung kyaw San said, in term of quality, Myanmar can produce the value-added handicrafts comparing to Vietnam, and Thailand.

Mr. Tin Moe Set from Creation Strength Company. Ltd as well as the organizer of Mega Expo 2019 said they have been organizing the local exhibitions all across Myanmar: Yangon, Mandalay, Taungyi, Lashio, Mawlamyine and Monywa. The exhibitions are organized four times a year since 2011 by Creation Strength Company. Ltd.

Mr. Tin Moe Set said, Myanmar’s business is opening up and many international exhibitors are coming in to Myanmar to expand their businesses, so on behalf of local Myanmar exhibitors, they would like to go for joining exhibitions on international stage.

The industry of Myanmar handicrafts will be more blossoms in the near future if they get a strong support from the country, policy level. Myanmar is also drawing the strategy for Myanmar handicrafts industry to promote the handicraft industry in Myanmar.