Myanmar’s Pride Festival in Yangon

07 October 2019

Myanmar’s Pride Festival, which showcases the local products of Myanmar, was held from 4th to 6th October at the Secretariat Building in Yangon. Many booths displaying the traditional food, handicrafts and other items as well as arts display were included.

“We organize this festival with the aim of enhancing the traditional and the quality of the local products. The observers can discover about our Myanmar culture, traditional handicrafts, and local products at one place. Moreover, the foreigners can learn more about our tradition.”. said Ko Win Maw Oo, PR Manager of Myanmar’s Pride Festival.

He also mentioned, “There are over 200 booths joining this festival: at which Myanmar traditional food, ethnic food, local delicacies ready-made food products, traditional fabric, organic cosmetics, crafts, and souvenirs. Along with the bazaar, we also have live entertainment during three days of festival from 6 to 8 p.m.”

Because of the improving quality and the innovation, the local-made products are highly interested not only by the tourists but also by the local consumers. The local-made products are on high demand in local market not only as souvenirs but for many other purposes.     

Ma Cho Cho Than, who is the founder of Cho Umbrella and Crafts, mentioned about one of the popular local products, Pathein Umbrella, which popular souvenir among tourists as well as locals. “Pathein umbrellas are getting popular and highly demanded by both local and international consumers. The local customers buy it as accessory for the photo shootings. The foreigners buy as souvenirs or they sometimes order a lot to give as presents at the events holding in their countries.”, she said.

Another cleverly invented product, which can reflect the childhood memories, is the small slate-board with wooden framework. Back in the childhood days of many years ago, paper products were so rare so the slate-boards were used to practice the school lessons. Nowadays, although they were replaced by the paper books, Myanmar people like to renew the tradition and the products makers come with the better ideas to sell it. “The students of today’s age are not using the small slate-board anymore but we want to maintain this tradition. The local consumers are highly interested in it and they prefer to use it to label the items sold.”, said Ma Cho Cho Than.

Then she expressed her opinion on Myanmar’s Pride Festival, “This is a very great festival because the customers can observe the local products of Myanmar and taste the food at one place. I think such kind of festival should be held very often. We, Myanmar citizens, have to proudly maintain the traditional crafts and locally-made products.”

For the admission fee, Myanmar citizens are free and the foreigners will cost 8, 000 MMKs per person. Myanmar’ Pride Festival was run for 3 days from 4th to 6th October from 2 to 8 pm at the Secretariat Building, Yangon.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin