Ministry of Education and UNESCO work together integrate inclusion in the new teachers’ education system

05 December 2018

UNESCO and the Ministry of Education are working together to integrate inclusive education in the new teacher’s education system, Ms. Min Jeong Kim, head of office for UNESCO Myanmar office told MIRadio at the celebration event for International Day for Persons with disabilities held at Thingangyun Education College in Yangon.

According to the National Education Strategic Plan (2016-2021) is aimed to improve teaching quality by elevating the teacher’s aptitude. The current 2-year undergraduate program offered in education colleges in Myanmar will be upgraded to a four-year program, with a modified curriculum encompassing the inclusive education in the first year.

The principal of Thingangyun Education College, Dr. Khin Thuzar Saws said, “When we upgrade the teacher education college into four-year degree college program, we have integrated inclusive education into the first year curriculum of the new system. The teachers’ education college did not used to admit the disabled applicants but starting from last year, we are admitting them. And of course, we do need methodologies and well-trained trainers to teach them at school. So with the proper support, we will be able to bring up the persons with disabilities who is joining the school to pursue the profession as teachers.”

The new curriculum is running on pilot project at the Yankin Education College in Yangon and the teachers’ training school in Mandalay in 2019. The four years of curriculum will be drawn year by year and it is noted that the curriculum for the first year has completed. In December 2020, the four-year degree program is set to start upon the completion of the curriculum for the first year.

There are altogether 25 education colleges in Myanmar and the new system and curriculum will begin in all the education colleges in 2020.

Myanmar is experiencing the shortage of teachers in mainstream school and teachers who are well-trained to deliver the inclusive education is reported to be even more limited.

According to a report by the Higher Education, more than 50,000 teaching positions remain vacant for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Arker Kyaw