Mingalaba Song released by Namewee, Malaysian Singer upon illegal foreign workers in Malaysia

06 December 2018

Well, what do think, this lovely music is about. I am not use if you are already familiar with this music which is currently on. I am Loom from Myanmar International Radio.

To be honest, once I hear this music, it definitely makes me feel goosebump and I could also get the sense of sadness and sorrow of any kinds. First, what I  heard was Myanmar traditional instrument called SAUNG. So, I kept listening and I heard the word “Mingalaba” and afterwards “Kyezutinbade”.

This song is quite touching and meaningful, which is basically raising awareness about “illegal foreign workers in Malaysia”, how they are badly treated by construction developer. So, the song named Mingalaba was brought to you by Malaysian Chinese Hip Hop artist, Huáng Míng Zhì and also well-known as Namewee.

On the artist’s Facebook page, it is posted, “Check out my new song using Myanmar traditional instrument SAUNG. Hope you will like it. And I hope our new government will look into this issue where developer are hiring illegal workers and putting them into lock-up so that they could run away from paying the worker's salary.”

There are approximately 7 million foreign workers in Malaysia, which is equal to 20 % of the total population of Malaysia. They are coming from different part of Asia such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, China and others.

Nearly 70% of these foreign workers do not have a legal employment permit. In order to save costs and money, employers have hired these foreign workers at an extremely low salary. These illegal workers were hiding in remote area and labored in farmlands, construction sites and factories.

Some brutal employers use inhuman methods against these “illegal foreign workers”. Not only their salaries were deducted without reason, they were also forced to work in lengthy working hours without proper rest while some of them were badly beaten and abused.

Upon the completion of the project, the cruel employers will lodge a police report to arrest these “illegal foreign workers” with intention to save the final salary payment to be paid to these “illegal foreign workers’.

They are arrested indefinitely and placed in poorly managed lock-up which were in bad condition. With unknown identity and language barrier, they are unable to communicate and were left abandoned in dirty and horrible environment with infectious diseases spreading among them. No one could save them, not even the embassy of their country.

They have nowhere and no one to turn for help because they are illegal immigrants who worked illegally in Malaysia. Nobody knows about them. Nobody knows where they worked and nobody knows where they were kept because there is no official record or information.

Yet all those unscrupulous employers and operators will continue to use the same dirty tactics and methods to lure in more and more “illegal foreign workers” while escaping from legal action.

Photo Credit : Google