Mandalay flower market leads to booming status

29 January 2021                                                                 

The prices are increasing incredibly in Mandalay flower market and there are even shortages in the market, according to the flower growers from Amarapura Township.

Mandalay was hard hit with a higher number of Covid-19 infected cases during last November and December. Because of the stay-at-home order enforced from the Mandalay regional government, flowers entered the market with lesser number and demands. But later, the regional rules have been eased and therefore the prices are increasing, according to U Khin Maung Than, a flower farmer from Sagalay Inn village from Amarapura Township. He explained more about the flower market, he said, “The market situation is really good comparing to the losses the flower farmers had faced. Even some have stopped their business because of the market failure. Some don’t have enough capital to carry on the business. But now everything is alright. There was a time that nobody would consider for 500 kyats per bunch of flowers. Now it is 1,000 kyats. The flowers that are produced now can’t cover the losses. For example, we got 700 bunches in 10,000 plants previously. But now we get only 300 bunches.”

The Covid-19 outbreak affected the flower market last year and many flower farmers faced losses. They made sales for the whole flower growing yards in the past but now they are only focusing on selling bunch by bunch.

Flower plantations are mostly established in the places of Amarapura Township, Mandalay Region and species like Hnin Gabar, Sabei Phyu, Khine Shwe War, Pel Ni, and Lucky are mostly grown. There were no customers when the prices were 500 kyats per bunch of flowers but now the sales are flourishing with 3,000 kyats.

Ko Tin Myo Htun, a seller from Amarapura Township said, “The selling prices are high now. One bunch of flower costs about 3,500 kyats. We have to try to sell a bunch with 4,000 kyats. Because of the lesser number flower growers along with the Covid-19 effects, we have difficulties in buying the flowers and we even have to compete with the wholesalers. The market has started booming so it is a good sign for the growers even though they faced many losses.”

In Mandalay Region, Amarapura Township is the second largest flower growing place behind PyinOoLwin. The flowers are distributed to the Mandalay market and all around Myanmar.

The flowers that are sold in the market currently are the ones that are produced from the old plants which are abandoned because of no demands in the market. The newly-planted flowers can be available in the upcoming February.

Soe Yadana, Soe Min Aung and Aung Hmue