Literary Talk Show for the centenary celebration of YU

13 February 2020

The University of Yangon which is located in Kamayut, Yangon, is the oldest university in Myanmar's modern education system and the best-known university in Myanmar. The university has been celebrating its centenary in different kinds of forms by variety of associations and people within the university. As part of the celebration Yangon University Teachers’ Association organized a 3-day-long centenary ceremony in which there will be different kinds of literature and poems related events holding near the iconic over 100 years old Thitpok tree. We will find out more about the day one's event, which is the literary talk show from Dr. Zaw Myo Tun, Joint Secretary of the Yangon University Teachers’ Association.

“As this event is the part of the celebration for the centenary of our Yangon University it is such a special obligation for us, Yangon University Teachers’ Association to organize this. The idea behind this event and specifically today literary talk show has been initiated by our chairman of the association, Dr. Nan Nwelt, as he has a great connection with literature writers as well as poets, and as we build up the idea around it, we decided it is a great idea and started to manage around it. There will be 4 authors/writers in this literature talk show, consisting of Sayar Thit Sar Ni, Sayar Ayoe, Sayar Maung Thane Zaw and Ma Thawtar Aye Le. The literary talk show will have no agendas on what the speakers want to talk, we give them freedom of speech in order to let them share the students their personal authentic experience which students can learn from and understand the meaning of what each of the speakers have in their mind."


 Sayar Thit Sar Ni also told MI Radio for his perspective of this literary talk show and what he thinks about Yangon University.

"As most of the people know, I rarely participate in typical literary talk shows, it is because the audience is too diverse and versatile which I am not really into, but this time I decided to talk in this show with the topic named as " Freedom" because I would like to target the audiences of this talk show which I believe is the University students. With the topic of "Freedom" I will be talking about the dilemma in this generation of youths with their freedom and the strict nature of the parents. I will be discussing about how the generation gaps that we are having right now with the youths in this generation and how we could possibly understand each and workout for the best. With that said, as we all know the prestigious pride that Yangon University holds on, I really hope I could give a great message to the students of this generation to hold on that greatness of the university with them."