The last day of the matriculation exam

15 March 2019

March 13.2019 which is the last day for Biology and Ecology majored standard 10 students to answer their matriculation exam. For us to have the live experience about how the atmosphere and the circumstances of it as well as or all of us adult to have some nostalgic memories of it, our reporter David Tanner has gone to Dagon (1) which is one of the famous schools in Yangon for interviewing the parents who were waiting for their children as well as the students who will be coming out from the school.

On the way to Dagon (1), which is one of the most famous school in Yangon, the sun kicks in so hard that my whole body feels like steamed. The whole street beside the school was filled with parents and family waiting for their beloved ones to come out of the school as the matriculation exam for 2018 to 2019 academic year is finally done. As I walk through the crowd I have also interviewed one mom who was waiting for her boy, "My name is Daw Mi Mi Shwe, my boy is answering the matriculation exam. I of course also want him to get a good line like his elder brothers. Before answering the exam, I have also prepared lots of things for him in the studies as I also  am a teacher. For a student to be able to have a good education student, teachers and parents have to collaborate and try hard for the best possible."

As of the heart of being a parent, the best expectations have always been in their heart for their beloved one, so why don't we hear out about her scenario, "As the education system has been improving and having great results these days, me and my son will be choosing the best possible major in his bachelor studies depending on the marks guideline as the marks line for each major vary each year."

As the time for when the students came out of the school, I could feel all that joyfulness filled the whole atmosphere. With that being said I have also interviewed a mom and her son for bow they are feeling as well, "My name is Daw Aye Nwel, I am very happy as today is the last day of the matriculation exam for my boy. As you know of course there are lots of preparation to be done and sacrifices to be made for the exam. But at the end of the day, I am very grateful that my boy works as hard as he can for this one of the important steps for him."

As the mom's feeling has been said why don't we also hear out from the person who have experienced the exam for his experiences, and future plans for his life,"My name is Nyi Baung Sein, I feel like can answer well today. The hardest subject for me will be chemistry. After answering the exam, I will be attending some workshops for English and diplomas for some soft skills. My hobby is singing, playing guitar and playing football. Being a professional singer is my dream."

I have also met one of the famous Myanmar traditional song singer who started singing when she was around 8 years old, her name is May Thet Htar Swe, the gold metalist in singing, she looks so happy with her mom beside. So, I have interviewed her mom for how she is feeling, "My name is Daw NuNu Swe, as the exam is done now, the load of stress me and my girl have been carried for the whole year has been toned down. Before the exam, me and the other have to support and prepare for our little girl as she has been doing arts as well parallel with the studies."

As she is also a teenager who wants freedom and loves to eat food like me, I have also asked her for what will she be doing the whole day today, "Matriculation exam is one of the most important stepping stones for the teenagers like me. As the exam is over now, I can finally have some freedom that I deserves as well as the sleeping time that I lost this whole year. For today, I will be celebrating the last day of the exam by eating foods, sleeping and watching movies."

Let’s hear also hear out her wishes for all the students who have answered the matriculation exam, "With me including all the students who have answered the matriculation exam, as it is all done for now, take some rest now and I wish you all to be able to achieve the things that you want to in the coming up future. And of course, got distinction through all your hard works that all of you had put in the studies."

General knowledge time

A matriculation examination or matriculation exam is a final examination held at secondary schools. After passing the examination, the students receive a school leaving certificate, which allows them to matriculate at university and take up their studies. So, guys, hope you enjoy the report, and I also want to wish the best of everything for all the students who have answered the matriculation exam, reporter David Tanner signing out for now.