Kick-off Launching Event for Myanmar Ethnics Culture Festival

05 November 2018

On 4th November, the Myanmar Ethnic Entrepreneurs’ Association organized the kick-off launching of Myanmar Ethnics Culture Festival at UMFCCI Building in Yangon.

With the purpose to promote the cultures of ethnic groups in Myanmar and for the enhancement of the tourism sector, the Myanmar Ethnics Culture Festival will be holding from 25th to 30th January in 2019. The event will take place at Kyite Ka San Football Stadium and there will be a lot of things to see which are relating to the eight ethnic groups of Myanmar.

Dr. Aung Ye Zaw who is the joint general secretary of Myanmar Ethnic Entrepreneurs’ Association explained us about the aims of this kick-off launching ceremony for Myanmar Ethnics Culture Festival.

“Today’s event is to introduce this Myanmar Ethnics Culture Festival to the media, experts, ambassadors, the Union Ministers and ethnic entrepreneurs. We will explain about how we are going to celebrate and what we have prepared for the festival in detail. It’s also to invite the sponsorships too. Since this is the very first event, all we want to do is communication.”

In those six days of the festival, there will be a lot of activities. Dr. Aung Ye Zaw said that the stadium is about 2000 square feet and there will be exhibitions, gallery, music concert and entertainments, kid zones, night market and food courts where you can see various kinds of ethnics’ cultures in one place.

“There will be import and export products exhibitions. Also, we will have the night bazaar where you can enjoy the Myanmar traditional foods. And also there will be Ethnic Culture Areas where you can learn about the histories of the Myanmar Ethnic groups. That will be the place where you can learn about all the ethnic groups in just one place.”

As far as we know, the organizers haven’t decided about the ticket price for the festival. U Yaw Sett who is the chairman of Myanmar Ethnic Entrepreneurs’ Association talked about the purpose of the association and what are their plans to provide the community.

“Our association was established not too long ago. So we will work together with the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. They already have plans to promote the tourism industry and we assume our association can help the ministry by organizing this kind of culture festival to make the visitors have more understanding about the 135 ethnic groups of Myanmar.”

He also talked about what are the challenges for their association.

“The thing is we have to choose the members well. We have to carefully inspect the members of the association to not concern with any kinds of drugs selling or something like that. We don’t want the government to misunderstand us. So, we have to go step by step and inspect the members carefully.”

Myanmar Ethnic Entrepreneurs’ Association (MEEA) is organized with 27 executives and 15 management council members. It associates with Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) and also with Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs’ Association (MYEA). MEEA was founded in July of 2018 and it has been only four months in operating. 

“We assume that the enhancement of entrepreneurs will provide the development of Myanmar business sector. So, we established our MEEA with the purpose to provide the entrepreneurs with better strategies, structures and systems together with the union between the ethnic groups of Myanmar. We will improve the local businesses, enhance the ethnic entrepreneurs, great flow of information, value added to the products, improve exports’ quality and gain the foreign currency, and also the capacity building that will include the training of the leadership skills to the ethnic entrepreneurs.”

During the event, I had a chat with Myanmar Singer Daw K. Ja Nu who takes responsible as the chairman for the entertainments of the Festival. She talked us about the main theme songs for the association and festival which they are now working on.

“The theme song of MEEA will be compose by Saw Khu Sel and Saya Myint Moe Aung will compose the theme song of the festival. Also we will perform the song named “Come and see Myanmar” which I composed and also the Myanmar version of that song will be performing by Singer L. Khun Yee.”

I also asked her opinion on what are the impacts of this festival on the unity between the ethnic groups of Myanmar.

“There are a lot of impacts. Usually, the government led the celebrations for the ethnic groups on the Union Day and every ethnic group in every region participates. In this era, we now have the ethnic associations and ethnic entrepreneurs, so, we can promote the unity between us by communicating and doing business together. So, I think the celebration of this festival is really good.”