Hotels on Chaungtha and Ngwesaung beaches in preparation for Caravan Tour

21 January 2021                       

Hotels in Chaungtha and Ngwesaung beaches are making preparations for private cars and caravan tours, according to the hoteliers in Chaungtha.A detailed plan for caravan tour has been submitted to the Ayeyarwaddy Region Government by the Union of Myanmar Travel associations. It is a three-day trip from Friday to Sunday and once the permission is granted, only four people per private car will be allowed.

Ko Annie, General manager of Gerizim Hotel Resort from Chaungtha said,” State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi announced two weeks ago that she would let the hotels on beaches reopen. The Ministry of Health and Sports also said that they would conduct with new normal way. If we are able to reopen the hotels, the next step is to move on to new normal life so we are making plans how to move on. Moreover, the training is also provided by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and the International labor Organization. There will be about 10 coaches in Chaungtha Hotel Zone and we also have to make some preparations processes as of COVID-19. It will be checked by four departments and the certificates will be issued to those which have prepared as planned.”

The certificates have to be renewed once a year and there are about six hotels on Chaungtha which have been preparing along with training. There will be another 5 hotels with such training in the next batch. The exact announcement for opening the hotels has not been released yet, so the hoteliers are currently receiving training for new normal life said Ko Annie, General manager of Gerizim Hotel Resort from Chaung thar beach.

However, Ko Maung Pu, a chaungtha resident, spoke to MI radio that there are no tourists who have visited to Chaungtha beach. He said,” There is no tourist coming at all. Currently, hotels are not allowed to reopen. There are only trucks but no buses. They are only going for the flow of goods. There is a gate for health test which opens24 hours just before the city gate. At present, there is no traveler at all but there are some process doing to keep the beaches clean. It’s led by the mayor and they are doing it since before the pandemic. I also want the tourism industry to resume but for now, it’s pretty good that we have the gate for health test in our area.”

All the tourism business in Myanmar had to shut down because of the COVID outbreak, affecting up to 80 percent of the tourism Industry. Therefore the flights and cruises for travelers have already begun, and the plans are afoot to reopen coastal areas in accordance with regulations, according to the speech by State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi at the opening of the National Tourism Development Central Committee meeting in early January 2021.

Ma Pwint Phoo Wai,a local traveler from Yangon said, “ As I am an enthusiastic person in travelling, beaches are the destinations I want to go after this pandemic. For me, I want to pack my bags and run to the sea to get rid of my tiredness as soon as I arrive. In fact, I want to go anywhere. I also want to go to the places where I’ve never been.”\

When travelling on a caravan tour, checking each passenger to prevent infection, dining at a designated restaurant and staying at a designated hotel in accordance with the rules, travelling only to the beach but not to other places will be followed in accordance with the rules of COVID protection. If this trip is successful. The Ayeyarwady regional government will allow tour companies to manage the trips.

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