Highway bus lines provide regular runs for freight transport

20 November 2020           

There has been a decrease in the number of activities in travel sector due to the second wave of Covid-19. From that time onward, highway bus lines have so far relied on freight transport. On a daily basis, highway bus lines are providing regular runs for ensuring smooth and secure transport of freight, according to the highway bus line owners.

Although health guidelines are tightly laid down in some regions and states due to the local transmission of Covid-19, the flow of commodities are not currently banned. Highway buses will continue transporting freight.

U Teza Min, a driver from Shwe Lashio Higway Bus Line, said, “The current freight transport is normal as it was used to be previously. Regular passengers, merchants and freight transport are going on regularly. Freight charge remains unchanged now. There are some changes in the arrival of freight. There are health tests on the way because of the Covid-19. The arrival of the highway buses is a little late. We accept the freight transport only after advance approval from the passengers and the merchants.”


The highway bus lines have temporarily suspended the transportation of the passengers during the outbreak of Covid-19, but they are focusing only on the freight transport.

Ko Nanda, In-Charge of Shwe Mandalar Highway Bus Line, said, “In the current freight transport, masks, hand gel, medicines and PPE suits from Mandalay. There are regular cargo loading and unloading. Lorries from Mandalay carry medical supplies and so we are facing some delays. Express buses arrive at about 10 am or 11 am. Later, lorries are being used for carrying things. The lorries from Mandalay arrive a bite late especially at 3 pm or 4 pm. The weight is not different between the first trip and the second. Now, the lorries depart from Muse and arrive in Mandalay and then Yangon.” 

The highway buses are mainly relying on the freight transport for the time being, thereby facing no problem with the shortage of commodities.

Pyay Thein and Zwe Mahn