High demand for Auto spare parts

09 September 2019

Dr. Soe Tun, Chairman of Myanmar Automobile Manufacturers and Distributors Association - MAMDA commented that Myanmar's demand for automobile spare parts is high as 90 per cent of the cars are used ones.

He made this comment at the 7th Edition of MYANAUTO 2019 at Myanmar Expo Hall on Friday.


Myanmar International Auto Parts, Accessories, Service and Repair Equipment Exhibition served as a platform for exhibitors from ASEAN to showcase the latest products to Myanmar's automotive aftermarket and commercial transport sectors.

Hosted by Myanmar Automobile Manufacturers And Distributors Association and co-located with Myanmar Bus and Truck 2019 and MYANBIKE 2019, The exhibition ran from 6-8 of September.

For more on the auto spare parts' demand, Dr. Soe Tun, Chairman of Myanmar Automobile Manufacturers and Distributors Association explained, "Over 90 per cent of the automobile in our country are used ones. The cars are old since the time they are imported. And in some places, the roads are not in good condition. So for these reasons, the demand for the car spare parts is pretty high. This expo brings together car spare parts companies from across the ASEAN region, and so it's beneficial for the consumers in Myanmar. There are about 100 exhibitors showcasing the quality spare parts."

New Auto spare parts are imported largely from China and Thailand while the reconditioned ones are from Japan and Malaysia.

He added that the importation and sale of quality spare parts will be beneficial for the country with high demand in auto spare parts.

Myanmar’s Ministry of Industry launched a new automotive policy in May designed to heavily benefit the country’s automotive sector. The new policy promotes the usage of left-hand vehicles for road safety purposes, while control measures on imports of used right-hand drive vehicles will be implemented. The No.1 heavy Industrial Enterprise under the Ministry of Industry commented that the new policy is expected to drive further growth of up to 4 % in the domestic manufacturing and auto-related businesses. This includes businesses along the supply chain, such as machinery and parts manufacturing, supply of raw materials, after-sales service, parts distribution and insurance and financing services providers. (MYANAUTO)

The Expo drew thousands of attendees comprising of decision makers, dealers, workshop owners and auto enthusiasts.

This year highlight features the MYANAUTO Top Mechanic Challenge- a competition for automotive mechanics to gather and compete, testing their skills among the best in the automotive repair and servicing industry.

U Kyaw Kyaw Lwin, Director of Skills Development Division explained, "The top three mechanics from this competition will be sent to ASEAN-level competition in 2020. We are having competition for the youth mechanics aged under 21 and the top ones will be going for the competition in 2020 September. The similar competition has been held in Mandalay as well, and the competition comes to Yangon. After these two, we will have the national level combining the two. And the top mechanics from this national level will be brought to ASEAN level. 13 groups comprising 2 mechanics in each group participate in Yangon, so that totals 26.  In Mandalay, 30 groups joined and so it's 60 participants."

He added that skilled labor has become increasingly crucial as the region is approaching Industry 4.0. Another thing is that as Myanmar is one of ASEAN countries, the country is to encounter free flow of skilled labor. So it's important that people have respective certificates for the respective industries so they can compete well in this free flow of skilled labor.

Arker Kyaw