GTI Former Students Pay Homage to Teachers

07 October 2019

Insein Governmnent Technical Institute with 124 years of history is one of the first institutes in Myanmar and on 6th September it celebrated the third paying homage ceremony to the both now and then teachers by the former students of the institute. Along with paying homage ceremony, the children of GTI’s teachers who passed matriculation with flying color were also presented tokens of appreciation by the former students. It was also the day when anyone could take opportunity to donate something for elderly formers teachers of GTI and MI Radio was also a part of this donation as well.

Speaking at the ceremony U Khin Maung Thein, former teacher at GTI said, “Most of us sitting on the chairs today are the products of GTI under the guidance of our former teachers who made us good students. The message I have for today’s generation is to be cautious all the time while learning as it determines our future, if we miss a line that will cause us heavily. One thing I am happy the most about GTI is, when I was a teacher here in this institute I always wanted to have full educational accessories and equipment for education. This dream had been fulfilled recently and now the students have better learning system than before. They now have access to the latest and advanced learning tools in their education, and moreover I am also glad to hear that, very soon GTI will be internationally recognized institute which will enable the graduates to work oversea after receiving degree from GTI. But we are not here to enjoy the success we have made but there are still many challenges ahead us.”

Though GTI is one of the oldest institutes in Myanmar, many people don’t know about this institute, but this institute has produced many outstanding students who are serving the nation. Speaking at the ceremony U Nyein Aung, chairman of GTI said, “If the leaders of a nation are the ones who respect and value education, the nation will be prosperous but if the leaders don’t respect education, the nation will not develop. The institute is the place where we learn how to govern the nation; the most important thing is unity among each other. We are glad that GTI will soon be accredited with international vocational training association which will make our association international association and it will also enable us to train our students at international level at the same time we will be able to send our students to international training center. MoU for this agreement has been signed already. As we come from good history, let’s work together so that we can contribute something good for our nation.”

Ma Sue Wai Phyo who passed matriculation with six distinctions and was honored for her achievement said, “Receiving this token of appreciation encourages me to even work harder and as it is a new experience for me to be honored along with renounced teachers here and be acknowledged I hope we will continue to encourage the youngsters by acknowledging them like today and support them well. Indeed this token of appreciation encourages me to be a good child to my parents”