Grab expanded their transport service to Bagan, the number one tourist destination in Myanmar

9 January 2019

It is always good to be a part of Myanmar’s change process. Now, many reform processes, in term of business, social, education and more, have been going on. Particularly, many foreign investors are interested to invest in Myanmar, as it has been observed recently. The more investment in the country, the better economic development, generally speaking.

Among several foreign investments, Grab, the transport service is one of them. Grab serves almost all across Southeast Asia countries with 235 cities. Today, there are over 125 million downloads of the Grab application. Every hour, millions of users download the app, said Mr. Shaun Thein Swe, country marketing head of Grab Myanmar. It has been a couple of years now, Grab transport service has been running in Myanmar.

The application features variety of options for users ranging from transport, food, delivery, and much more in all across Southeast Asia countries. Currently, Grab transport service is very common. Recently, in the late of 2018, Grab ThoneBane was launched to Bagan.

So, the question is what is ThoneBane? ThoneBane basically means three-wheel. This vehicle is motorized and has three-wheel. In other countries, it is called Tuk Tuk, while it is called ThoneBane in Myanmar.

In Yangon, there are Grab Taxi, Grab Share and Grab Taxi Plus, etc.  In Mandalay, Grab motor cycle service is available and now Grab has been expanding its market to Bagan with the ThoneBane, Three-Wheel vehicle service.

Mr. Shaun expressed that Bagan has a great potential for every business since it is the number one tourist destination in Myanmar with lots of interests from all people. It is also the heart of Myanmar.

“Grab ThoneBane can actually cover you from weather. It is much more affordable than hiring the cars because it is the fixed price with many different booking options. Moreover, we hire the local experts for driving, which will directly help local people’s income”.

Four different booking options for Grab ThoneBane Bagan are available.

  1. 2 hours long ride with  10,000 MMK
  2. 4 hours long ride with   15,000 MMK
  3. 8 hours long ride with  25,000 MMK
  4. One Way ride with  5,000 MMK

The tourists, both local and international will have a great experience while taking the new transport called ThoneBane, the three wheel motor cycle. Mr. Shaun, country marketing head of Grab Myanmar said, it will be safe and feel like local.