Free Vocational Trainings by SSID as COVID-19 recovery scheme

30 June 2020

As one of the recovery scheme for the economic impact of COVID-19, the small-scale industries departments in every state and region in Myanmar will provide free vocational training courses for the public. The courses are going to be opened just in the post COVID-19 period. The training courses will include production of high-valued foodstuffs such as wine, jam, cake, juice and snakes, production of facilities such as soap, shampoo, and bum, hand gel, sewing and weaving.

Speaking to MI Radio, U Aung Maung, deputy director of small-scale industries department (Kachin State) said, “The vocational training courses organized by small-scale industries department have started its training in every state and region since 1st January of 2015. There are more than 300 batches with over 1,000 trainees during these years. When COVID-19 occurs, some businesses and workers who have returned from abroad are going to face difficulties in their career. So, the central small-scale industries department has instructed to open free vocational training courses for those who have difficulties in their living to create an opportunity to start a new career.

First, we have to plan for which courses are most common and suitable for the residents in respective states and regions. There are four districts with 18 townships in Kachin State. We are going to accept the applicants until the courses are officially launched. Till now, more than 200 applicants have been received for these free vocational training courses. Depending on the rational government budget, we will select the relevant numbers of trainees. There are many successful small-scale businesses emerged from these courses.”

U Aung Maung also mentioned that these free vocational training courses different from the last one because there will be some plans to support from the government for the trainees.

U Ye Zaw Htun, assistant engineer of the small scales industries department Yangon, spoke to MI Radio about the free vocational trainings for Yangon Regions, he said, “We open the vocational training courses but this training will be free and benefit for the people who were affected during the COVID-19 period including the on-job trainings period. In this batch, we are going to teach them how to produce the high value food products, facility products and handicrafts by using the local ingredients and agricultural products. The purpose of the trainings is to appear the small and medium enterprises, to create the new opportunities for the people.

In 2018-2019 FY, we already opened the vocational trainings about 30 times. In this year, we have opened about 14 times. We accept 20 trainees in one course. We announced our trainings from our Facebook page and also from the government’s newspaper. We accept the application forms through the Facebook page and through the telephone. Currently, we have accepted over 250 application forms. In this COVID period, we are going to open the training for about 20 times in Yangon, so we are going to accept 655 trainees. There will be 30 trainees per course. We teach the trainees with the 70% practical course, so they can establish their own products as soon as they have finished the courses.”

U Myint Aung is an alumni from 2017 vocational training courses of small-scale industries department, Yangon Region. Now, he is running some small-scale businesses successfully. Speaking to MI Radio, U Myint Aung said his experiences in training course of SSID,

U Myint Aung, Founder, Saya Bio Natural Products “I have started my own business after vocational training courses by SSID, Yangon Region. As people attend the vocational training course here, they can run their own businesses too. So, many people don’t need to go abroad for job opportunities. I also started the businesses with some investment. The SSID have supported the start-up small businesses. We can connect with banks to get the loan investment with the support of SSID. So, SMEs can develop their businesses also. Now, I have received some awards for the sectors of MSMEs. I want to suggest attending the vocational training courses by SSID especially for those who would like to start up the own-businesses.”

The small-scale industries department has also issued the registration processes for those SMEs and has provided the connection with banks for loan programs.

Phyo Thi