First-ever underpass in Myanmar expected to complete in early 2021

19 November 2020                   

The Yangon City Development Committee is now making concerted efforts to complete the construction of the first-ever international-designed underpass in Kamayut township in Yangon Region in early 2021, according to YCDC Member (7) U Win Myint Than. 

Due to the busy crossroads near the Site Pyoyay Bus-stop on Pyay road, the engineers are creating the construction site not only a safe place for the public but also a place to relax. 

U Win Myint Than, Member (7) of Yangon City Development Committee, said, “Yangon Institute of Education (TTC) is also a busy place which is full of the parents of the students who come to pick them up while shopping.  There will be no children who cross the road or block the road. In the past, when the school was opened the road was full of students and buses and a lot of people. After that construction, the traffic jam will disappear."

The underpass is made of reinforced concrete type and has a total of length of 427 feet and 2 inches including the entrances and the exits and it is divided into two parts-phrase 1 and phrase-2.There will be 13 shops which are 10 feet wide on the sidewalk under the bridge, GGI Insurance will have five shops on the sidewalk which is 19 feet 8 inches wide and the underpass can carry an average of 6,000 people per hour and began the operations in the last February. 

Ko Sithu Nanda, a university student said, "It's good because there are both Junction Square and Times City and so many young people often come here. It's a bit modern and very comfortable for us. "

The site is near the Yangon University of Education, Training High School, University of Medicine, and many other training schools. It is also a popular shopping area due to its shopping mall including Junction Square and Times City and traffic jams on school days. 

Ko Thura Za, a taxi driver, said, "The main thing is for our people. There is a school nearby so that the children can cross the road safely when they crossed the road. I think when the project is completed, it will be better to drive with a little traffic because there are fewer number of pedestrians so it is convenient for us to drive. And I think it will be safe for everyone. "

The underpass is 11 feet high and it has a 30 degree slope and it equipped with a simple staircase on the side of the Yangon Institute of Education (TTC) to accommodate the elderly and disabled people. There will be elevators for eight-person ride. There are two entrances on GGI side and three ladders are being built.

Zwe Mahn and Pyay Thein