Europe Meets Myanmar Concert

14 May 2019

To celebrate Europe Day 2019, the orchestra concert “Europe Meets Myanmar” was held at the Strand Hotel, Yangon, on 10th May. In the concert, European Union Youth Orchestra together with Orchestra for Myanmar and New Children’s Choir performed the captivating music.

Mr. Kristian Schmidt, EU Ambassador in Myanmar, noted on the celebration of Europe Day in Myanmar. He said, “Europe Day is important to Europeans because for more than 70 years, we have lived together in peace; 28 countries with the independence but living together peacefully as brothers and sisters and neighbours. And that’s worth celebrating with music. That’s also an important message to friends and partners in Myanmar.”

He continued, “European Union is held together by trade interest, political cooperation, common laws but we also join by culture. If you think of European Union, we are 28 independent nations with 24 different languages and centuries of history and yet we still like the same music. We know each other’s music and we feel and love it. That is something we have in common. That’s also important to components of the Union of Myanmar that you have something common although you have different ethnic groups.”

To enhance the cultural relationship between EU and Myanmar, the EU Delegation to Myanmar has been performing many different programs. Mr. Kristian Schmidt mentioned, “We are also celebrating Europe Day in Nay Phyi Taw on Wednesday. We brought a photo exhibition which was electronic platform photos of Myanmar history going back centuries. I was sitting on Wednesday with some of Myanmar Ministers looking through those photos. We also have the film festival. As part of it, we showed European films but we also support restoration of Myanmar old films. There are many areas where we are doing culture diplomacy in Myanmar.”

The performer teams of Europe Meets Myanmar Concert, Orchestra for Myanmar and New Children’s Choir, have been being operated since 2014 to provide international level music education. On the concert, they were performing together with EUYO, European Union Youth Orchestra which members are teaching alumni.

Founder and Director of Orchestra for Myanmar and New Children’s Choir, Mr. Sebastian See-Schierenberg, how they prepared for the concert. “We have been holding rehearsal, intensive workshop and coaching every day. There are intensive lessons to prepare special programs for today’s concert. European musicians are very impressed by Myanmar musicians of how beautifully they play, how hard they work and they actually had very enjoyable time.”, he said.

The orchestra teams are aiming to meet annually and conduct grand music concerts together in future.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin