COVID-19 death rate increase to 0.7% within 11 days

16 September 2020

With an increasing number of the locally transmitted COVID-19 cases, Myanmar reported the number of the death rate is increasing, too. On the 4th of September Myanmar reported its new COVID-19 death cases. Then continually, Myanmar reported new 26 deaths since the 4th of September to the 14 of September within 11 days.

The infected cases have been increasing following the mutation of the virus in August. The death rate is jumping while the infection rate is escalating.

Myanmar reported its' six deaths on 29 April and then there is no further death cases reported. After the resurgence of the COVID-19 infections, the death rate has increased which are up to over 30.

Dr. Than Naing Soe, director of the Health Knowledge promotion Division from the Ministry of Health and Sports told to MI Radio about the current infection is very important and people should be mindful of the increasing deaths rate, too. He said, “We have already expected that the cases can increase a lot. We already warned the public to be mindful of the infections. In these days, many cases are reported from Yangon and others regions, as the cases increase a lot then there have more patients in critical condition. We have tried a lot to give treatments to the patients and to find the close contacts. According to the data of the 12th September, we have already arranged over 4,000 quarantine centers and over 37,000 people are being monitored under the facility quarantine centers. There are 27 patients who are taking medical treatment under the ICU and 4 patients have to put on the ventilators in this situation.’’

Before the resurgence of the COVID-19, there was only 0.6% death rate in the country. As the death rate increases continually, the death rate increased to 0.7 % within a few days. On the 13th of September 5 deaths were reported within day and on the 14th of September 12 deaths were reported. 23.8 % are recovered and 75.5 % are taking the medical treatment. Most of the deaths cases already have pre medical conditions. Many experts in Medical sectors urged the public especially the old people and those who already have the pre medical conditions to take of their health as the infections rate and death rate are faster than before.

U Thein Myint, Region Hluttaw representative from Tamwe Township spoke to Mi Radio that people should stay at home these days. He said, “Since the cases increased a lot, we also made a strict control in the township in cooperation with the respective ward administrators. People are afraid of these infections again. We urged the people to stay at home and to follow the health guidelines. In this resurgence, the infections rate increased a lot and the deaths rate increased, too. To control these infections all we can do is to stay at home, wear the masks and wash the hands and also to make our immune system to be stronger.’’

Due to the spike in COVID-19 infections, domestic travel has been restricted in the country except for emergency cases. Around the world a total of over 29 million people are afflicted from the disease and 21 million people are recovered with over 932,000 deaths.  Asia Pacific countries reported more COVID-19 cases as India rose to 4.8 million. As of the data released from the Ministry of Health and Sports on 16th September, a total of 3,636 cases are reported with 832 recovered and 39 deaths.