COVID-19 cases sharply increase with the resurgence in the country

17 September 2020

Myanmar is currently experiencing the infections up by more than 9 times and the number of the death increase more than 5 times during the resurgence period since 16 August. Within one month, COVID-19 deaths in the country have increased to about 5 times of that of earlier period while the infections surged. The majority of the COVID-19 related deaths in Myanmar are also elderly persons who are suffering from the hypertension or diabetes and pre medical conditions. Myanmar had the record number of the cases for the 12th September when the Ministry reported a total of 351 cases. In the past few days, the Ministry of Health and Sports reported 200 new patients more daily. Yangon region has the highest number of the cases totaling over 2,000 cases.

U Khin Win, Region Hluttaw Representative from Kyimyindine Township spoke to MI Radio how they are undertaking the current prevention process.

“The number of the COVID-19 cases in our township increased, too. So we carried out all the prevention process in our township. We strictly controlled in our township like only the people who have to go to work are allowed to go out and only one person from each household can go out to buy essential food and medicines. The guard is assigned at the lockdown households. According to the speech from our State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in this situation people participation is very important. I want the people not to be stressed by this situation. I will urge the people to follow the health guidelines and stay at home as the infections and deaths rate are increasing a lot.”

In Yangon, the number of cases rose to over 2,000 from over 300 in the past two weeks. Mandalay also saw a sharp increase in cases, from six to over 100. The infections also hit the nations' capital, Nay Pyi Taw, where the number of the cases has grown from the two to over (50). In the Southeast Asia Region the number of the total infected cases reaches to 570,543 with over 13,000 deaths and 380,000 recovered. Within one month a total of 200,000 cases increased. In the region, Philippines is the highs with the infections and Myanmar has over taken the Thailand with the fifth most number of the COVID-19 cases with over 36,00 cases on 16th September. The infections cases in Myanmar are resurgence back after a month. With the increased infections, the number of the death cases has tripled.

Dr. Si thu Linn, Specialist from the Yangon Workers’ Hospital spoke to MI Radio about the current situation that can be worse if people still neglect the health guidelines. He said, “The infections cases increased because of the people’s carelessness. Before the resurgence people travelled a lot within holidays, now the cases are increasing a lot. Then the deaths rate is increasing, too. If the outbreak continues like that, we will have to face a lot of struggles. Many health workers are working on their best but the country like UK and India faces a lot of struggle in controlling this infection. In this situation, Myanmar ranked the fifth place in the ASEAN COVID-19 chart within the two weeks. This is a very dangerous situation. If the infections increase continually, the death rate will follow, too. So I want all the people to follow the rules and regulations from the Ministry of Health and Sports.”

Around the world a total of over 29 million people are afflicting from the deadly COVID-19 with over 21 million recovered and over 939,000 deaths according to the data from the Worldometer Coronavirus Center. Myanmar is in 125th place on the World COVID-19 infected Chart. With the latest update, Myanmar has so far reported a total of 3894 cases with 46 deaths and 908 recoveries, according to the data released from the Ministry of Health and Sports on 17th September.