COVID-19 cases in Myanmar up beyond 3000

15 September 2020

The numbers of the COVID-19 cases in the country are getting higher and higher. As the local transmissions dramatically ascended in Rakhine State firstly, other big clusters were detected in Yangon mostly followed by Mandalay secondly.  From those clusters, many confirmed cases were found out and the number of the confirmed cases announced by the Ministry of Health and Sports was recorded with 351 confirmed cases on 13th September alone.

Thingangyun is one of the townships which has over 250 COVID-19 confirmed cases in this resurgence of the COVID-19. U Maung Maung Oo, Region Hluttaw Representative from Thingangyun Township spoke to MI how they are currently carrying out the prevention process in the township to control the infections. He said, “We didn’t allow any visitors to go into our townships. With the help of the Volunteers and Community organizations, guards are assigned in each street in every ward. We also give the masks in the markets and to some poor people cooperating with the Red Cross Organizations and some volunteer organizations. Under the guidance of the Yangon Region Health Department, we disinfected in all 10 wards which have the most confirmed cases. The infections are very high in these current situations.  Many people were careless before the resurgence of the infections. In this situation, I want to urge all the people to stay at home these days and to report to the Ministry of Health and Sports if they experience some symptoms of the COVID-19.”

Before the resurgence period until 15th August, there were a total of 374 confirmed cases. From the 16th August to 30th August a total of 369 cases increased. From the 31st August to the 13th September a total of 2,158 new cases were detected in the country. So amid the resurgence period until 13th September a total of over 2,500 confirmed cases were found. And with the increasing number of 83 patients announced on the morning of the 14th September, the total confirmed cases of Myanmar have reached over 3,000. Due to this infection, many health workers are also tested positive while they are taking care of the patients. The Ministry of Health and Sports urged the people a lot to stay at home and to go to the nearest fever clinics as much as possible.

Dr. Si Thu Linn, the specialist from the Yangon Workers' Hospital spoke to MI Radio that the infections are very asymptomatic and the death cases increase a lot so that people should try to stay at home these days. He said, “Just before the resurgence, the medical researchers also said that the COVID-19 is very high risk in infections and the virus mutation is causing the outbreak to spread quickly. People in Myanmar has thought that they have experienced of the infections. The infections is only just the beginning and people started to ignore the infections. That’s why all the infection cases increase a lot these days. All our people need to participate in this prevention process with the Ministry of Health and Sports and don’t be afraid of swab tests.”

As the Yangon region is the commercial city and has a lot of population by comparing to the other regions and states. Yangon is the highest number of confirmed cases with over 1,600 cases and Rakhine State, the second with over 700 and Mandalay, the third with nearly 100.Kayah State remains the only state in Myanmar which has not yet reported a COVID-19 patient since 23 March when the country reported its first case.COVID-19 prevention and control measures have been carried out at a border gate as well as the entrances and the exits in all the regions and States.

Around the world a total of over 29 million people are afflicting from the deadly pandemic and over 21 million people are recovered with over 928,000 deaths. Myanmar ranked in 136th place in the world coronavirus infected chart and Myanmar is in the 6th place in the ASEAN COVID-19 infected chart. Myanmar reaches total of (3299) confirmed cases with 790 recovered and 32 deaths.

Photo Credit - Ministry of Health and Sports Myanmar