China-renovated Nat Mauk state hospital handed over to Myanmar

14 May 2019

On May 10 2019, Friday, China handed over on a renovated general hospital to the Myanmar government in Natmauk, Magway region where the national hero General Aung San was born. The ceremony was attended by the Myanmar’s state counselor Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi as well as Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar, with that being said let’s find out the detail about it in the report of our reporter David Tanner. The renovation project of the hospital in Natmauk town, which cost about 900,000 U.S. dollars, was conducted by the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar and Myanmar-China Exchange and Cooperation Association.

Finally, with the improvement of Nat Mauk State hospital and the establishment of the emergency and outpatient department, what kind of real life development will the people of Nat Mauk will be having, for that I have interviewed the head of Nat Mauk township medication department Dr.Win Sithu, "My name is Dr.Win Sithu, I am the head of Nat Mauk township's medication department. As you know today is the opening ceremony of the second establishment of China-Myanmar friendship hospital building which is also an emergency and outpatient department.For the physical properties of the hospital, it is neater and way tidier than before. As well for the emergency department, I guess people of Nat Mauk can rely when the time comes for the case of emergency and prevent unnecessary life losses."

A new emergency patient ward was constructed along with the renovation project which took about five months since December last year, thanking for the hospital renovation, Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi stated that the country is now in need of development in public health sector as well as in education and economic sectors, let’s hear out the detail of it, "I believe that the health of Nat Mauk people will be taken care of. Our citizens are necessary to be healthy in order to improve their abilities. Only healthy people will be educated to help develop the country. That’s why we truly emphasize on their health. I have no doubt that this hospital will be beneficial not only for Nat Mauk, but also for Magway Region."

With the state counsellor educate for how the health sector is import for a country and remind for the people in Nat Mauk for how there is no age factor for taking care of health, she also give out some facts with some examples for the people, "Being youths doesn’t mean they don’t have to take care of their health. If mothers and mothers-to-be are careful with their health before they give birth their children, their health are also helped. Parents should guide their children to apply good habits for their health. They should have regular eating habits; good behaviors concerning health and should avoid harmful habits. For e.g., smoking - when fathers smoke in their houses, it can affect their children. They are breathing those smoke in, from their fathers’ cigarettes. It’s just like they are harming their children’s health since they are young. So, I’d like to urge you to keep those habits away. I’d like to thank the doctors, nurses and assistance in this hospital and his excellency Mr. HY, members of the embassy and members from China-Myanmar friendship. If we could make friends with each other, I believe we can maintain our peace not only in towns and countries, but also in the world for developments."

Founded in 1982, the Nat Mauk hospital was previously upgraded to 50-bedded hospital in 2015 and the hospital has been providing health care services to at least 300,000 local people since then with that being said, let’s hear out the real voice of the people for how they are feeling now that the health care services has been better than before, "My name is Nay Win. As we now have and emergency patients’ departments, it’s better to come here rather than going other places. There would be no hesitation for our health as we can go right away. So, we can prevent unnecessary life losses."

Moreover, I have also interviewed, Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar Mr. Hong Liang as he expressed his belief that the renovated hospital would represent a symbol of bilateral friendship between the two countries, let’s find out how will it be affected as he also updates us about the belt and road initiatives.