China Celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival

11 June 2019

The Dragon Boat Festival which is also called Duanwu, is one of the most prominent traditional festivals of China. It’s celebrated in every cities of China on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar.                                                     

This three day traditional festival is celebrated since long ago and it was included into national intangible cultural heritage of China in 2006. In this year, to honor the festival, they celebrated the dragon boat racing contest with thousands of audience.


The history of the festival started with the searching of the dead body of a famous and respected poet named Qu Yuan who drowned himself into a river. The Chinese citizens at that time tried to find the body of the poet along the river while beating the drum to scare off the aquatic animals from eating the body and it became the boat racing tradition of the current time.

And also according to the folk saying, when searching for the body, the citizens threw the rice dumplings into the river for the dragons or the fish, not to eat the body of Qu Yuan. So eating the sticky rice dumplings which is called zongzi during the festival season became a part of the tradition.

Apart from the boat racing and sticky rice dumpling, the Chinese people also made beautiful small spice bags or some people called the perfume bag which is known to be ward off the evil and bring fortune and happiness for the people who carrying the bag. It comes in different shape and styles but inside of the bag are usually the mixed Chinese herbal medicines.

For this year, the dragon boat festival was celebrated from June 7th to 9th and usually the festivals also involved other different fun activities to entertain the people in their special holidays.