Celebrating the Birthday of General Aung San

14 February 2020

On February 13th of 1915, the father of modern Myanmar, a national hero and the father of independence, General Aung San was born and 105th birthday of General Aung San was celebrated on 13th February at Maha Bandoola Park in downtown Yangon attended by U Phyo Min Thein, Yangon Region Chief Minister along with other governmental officials of regional government. At the birthday celebration of General Aung San, one of the favorite foods of General Aung San, boiled pea and Nan Pyar was offered to the people who came to the event. Along with boiled pea and Nan Pyar (Naan), tea and other drinks were also offered to the people as a part of the celebration.


Speaking at 105th birthday of General Aung San, U Phyo Min Thein, Yangon Region Chief Minister said, “In this 105th birthday of General Aung San who is the national hero, the person who fought for our independence and who also established Tatmadaw, we hold several events across the country commemorating the birth of General Aung San. We also see the opening ceremony of his statues across the country. The reason for doing all these things is, we need to honor the national heroes who gave their lives to deliver us from the hand of colonists. At the same time by doing all these things we are expressing our gratitude towards the sacrifices made by the fathers of independence for our nation. We must pass on our history to the upcoming generation by celebrating the achievements of our national heroes and what they had done for us. We were under the rule of British colony for around 100 years, but the unity and togetherness of all ethnic brothers and sisters had brought us independence from British Colony. But just one year before we gained independence, our independence father, General Aung San was assassinated, but here we must pass on our history of independence to the younger generation that it was a hard-earned independence.”

U Phyo Min Thein also stressed that we all must be grateful for what the our leaders had done for us, and there are many things to learn from our leaders as well: taking them as example, we must work hard for our nation and sacrifice self-interest for the sake of the public. These are the reasons why the birthday of General Aung San is celebrated every year with the aim to inspire the children so that they may contribute something to the nation.

Speaking at the event, U Than, Joint Secretary of YCDC also said, “Since 2015 we have been celebrating the birthday of General Aung San in a different form: once again reviving the people of what General Aung San had done for us. As long as the earth remains, I am sure the name of General Aung San will live through ages to come. At the same time his attitude will also live for ages to come.”

Daw Myint Myint Soe, a participant at the event also said, “I always remember our General though I have not seen him in person nor I am a political person, I always love our General and always respect him. As our General is the national hero for us we must always respect him and value the legacy he left behind”