Cattle export earns over USD 261. 264 Million over one-year period

05 December 2018

Deputy Minister for Commerce U Aung Htoo stated at Pyithu Hluttaw in Naypyidaw on 28th November 2018 that the cattle export earns over USD 261. 264 million in total.

Starting December 2017 until November 2018, the export of cattle totals around 210,000 of cows and buffaloes.

The deputy minister mentioned this while answering the query raised by MP U Htun Thu from Pwintphyu Constituency, on how the Union government and region and state governments are scrutinizing the exports of cows and buffaloes in terms of health, hygiene and so on.

Starting 2017 December when export of the cattle was made legal until November 2018, over 2,10,000 of cattle have been exported so far. The number of buffalo is over 28000 and over 186,701 cows, totaling 215,333 and the value of USD 261. 264 million,” said Deputy minister for commerce.

The deputy minister for commerce added that for the government to earn the tax properly, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation claimed that they administer the inoculation to the cattle sold in both local and international market, and issue the certificate of approval, and permission for the livestock farms and money gained from those activities are remitted to the regional fund.

He also added that there were illegal exports of around 250,000 cows and buffaloes to Thailand during three fiscal years.

MP U Htun Thu said, “Although regional level is trying to increase tax revenue, the lower levels. Some people are ignoring it as it does not bring any benefit to them. Some award administrators are even not that fully aware of it. This leads to the illegal trading of the cattle and we need to be very cautious of that.”

“Mutton and beef are the most potential meat for export and suggested that the processed slaughtered meat export is more profitable than exporting the whole animal unprocessed. He added that if the slaughter houses emerge, the systematically processed meat will be able to penetrate the Asian market,” said Dr.Than Hla, the advisor for the Myanmar livestock federation.

There are illegal exports of cattle to China and Bangladesh according to the ground-verified news.

Arker Kyaw
Photo Credit : MNA