Border Areas Development Association holds the Honoring Ceremony

21 February 2020

In order to express the gratitude toward the honorary association members, the Border Areas Development Association (BDA) hosted the honoring ceremony on Wednesday evening at Park Royal Hotel in Yangon. This is the 13th time the association hosting the honoring ceremony.

The honorary association members include BDA’s patron U Ko Ko Htwe, who achieved Agga Maha Thiri Thudamma Mani Jorta Dara Title awarded by the President, BDA’s patron Dr. Sein Myint, who achieved the ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award for 2019, BDA’s Executive member Daw Myat Thandar, who achieved the ASEAN Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs Award for 2016, BDA’s Executive Member Daw Nwe Nwe Htay, who achieved Thiha Thudamma Theingi Title awarded by the President and newly-appointed ambassador for the Association, Ms. Smile.

In the opening speech, the president of BDA mentioned that it has been 24 years since the establishment and the association’s activities during these periods.

“During these periods, we have done so many activities such as help to raise the education, health and their living standards even though it is not known to the public. Also, once in every three years we made a report to the public about our activities. And we are proud of the health sector. We visited almost all of states and divisions for 36 times for medical travel and opened the drug addiction awareness gallery and launched drug reduction programs in the communities. Since our activities are for people, we really want to have support from the public and public involvement in our activities.”

Since the establishment of Border Area Development Association in 1996 officially, BDA has been promoting socio-economic conditions of the people in rural and borders areas. So as to raise the standard of living of indigenous races, BDA is actively promoting education, health, agriculture and income generating programs.

U Ko Ko Htwe who is one of the honorary association members and also the biggest donor of the association said to MIRadio about how his contribution to this association started.

“The BDA was established during military government in order to maintain peace and prosperity of Border Areas and later then it was changed as Non-Governmental Organization. After that we started to participate in the association. I started to involve as a patron and give suggestions and provide the donations that they need to carry on the good activities. The living standard of Border Areas are much lower than other big cities and some places have difficult transportations and are much lower in education, income, health and other aspects. So, we help to balance and narrow these gaps.”

The Border Area Development Association is a non-governmental association that implements the projects in multi-sectoral approach to improve the welfare of our people. They also have cooperation with other international NGOs such as UNICEF to improve the higher and general educations of children living in border areas. Ms. Smile who was newly appointed ambassador for the BDA said to MIRadio that what are her future plans of the association during one year as a representative.

“We will spread out the awareness for the families at border, children and their educations and women and their marriages. Also, for the workers and how to perform poverty alleviation processes. We will strongly help them to process all the activities.”

According to the president of the BDA during his opening speech, he mentioned that the BDA is now working on a new short film project in order to educate about abuse of women and children.

Thawtar Win Pyae Sone