Binhai Cultural Center

13 March 2019

As our reporter David Tanner has gone a field trip to China, he got a chance to explore an interesting Urban Core project of Tianjin, which is the Binhai Cultural Center. The center is located in Binhaixinqu, Tianjin, China.The center combines five venues, connected by a large covered arcade. The Center shall combine the Binhai Citizen's Activities Center, the Binhai Modern Art Museum, the Binhai Modern City and Industrial Discovery Museum, Binhai Library and the Binhai Performing Arts Center. So, why don’t we experience together with him through the report.

As I went into the center, I was like "Omg, what are those huge mushroom like structures", I was wrong, those are what they call umbrella like structures. Jokes aside, let’s hear out the history of Binhai Culture Center from the guide of the center, "The project for Binhai Culture Center was started on March 2015 and was opened around October 2017. The Tianjin Binhai Cultural Center comprises five cultural institutions. Four international architectural practices designed the other cultural buildings: a library, a Science and Technology Museum, a theater, and a Citizens’ Center."

The center is filled with architectural designs all over in which you can roll your eyes randomly and you can still admire the design of the area you rolled. So, why don't we go deeper into who are the ones that are responsible for these mesmerizing design, "The overall design of the Binhai Culture has been drawn by selected architects from around the world, the theater has been designed by every Architecture, previously Bing Thom Architects from Canada, the library is the design of MVRDV who is a Dutch architect, the Science and Technology Museum has been designed by Bernhard Tschumi who is a Swiss architect and the Citizens' Center has been drawn by Hua Hui Architects from Tianjing, China."


The building which we can sense the industrial design takes my breath away to the past. I am now literally remembering the bed time stories of my grandma talking about the industrial era. With all those being said, you might want to know which part of the Center that I am saying, so let’s just find out, "The building which looks like an industrial building is the Exploratorium of Binhai Culture Center. Construction has been completed on the Tianjin Binhai Exploratorium, designed in 2013-2014; the Exploratorium is set to open in Fall 2019. The Exploratorium will showcase artifacts from Tianjin’s industrial past through large-scale contemporary technology, including spectacular rockets for space research. The project is part of the city’s Binhai Cultural Center and contains facilities for cultural events and exhibitions as well as galleries, offices, and restaurant and retail spaces."

General knowledge time

Bernard Tschumi Architects designed the Exploratorium to relate to the rich industrial history of the area, the site of high-volume manufacturing and research. A series of large-scale cones creates major rooms throughout the museum. The central cone, lit from above, connects all three levels of the Exploratorium. A spiraling ramp ascends to the top level, offering an unusual spatial experience of the modern vertical city by reinterpreting an ancient industrial typology. The roof is accessible to visitors and acts as a promenade with striking views over the surrounding city. Mr.Bernard Tschumi said, “The Exploratorium is designed as a building for the past, the present, and the future of Tianjin,”

Citizens' Center can be a place where people can hang out and make great things for a country, which is socially and mentally important as well, "The Citizens' Center is for all the citizens' activities as well as all the stuffs in which consists of kid's literature, adult's career information as well as some international standard gymnasium and movie in which showcase documentary for cultures and history for every age sector to be understood."

Recreational activities are often done for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure and are considered to be "fun". Who don't want to have fun?

"This is one of the recreation center in which was meant to be for the students to come study and just chill out. The trees here are all real even though it’s inside. It is built as U shape for accessibility. Both of the sides of the center consist of classrooms, where schools or institutes can come and make workshops or field trip studies."