Basic commodities see slight increase in prices

19 November 2020           

With the restrictions imposed by the government still in effect, it has been quite hard to transport the goods across Myanmar which makes the basic commodity price increases slightly month after month. According to some of the shopkeepers, now placing order for the goods takes longer than usual and it is also more costly than the usual expense.

Daw Hla Hla Htay, one of the shopkeepers at Nay Pyi Taw’s Myoma market, spoke to MI Radio about the latest situation of the her sale, she said, “As for now, transporting the goods is quite hard, and then it makes the goods increase in price quite a bit. I mostly sell the items related to religious offerings which I mostly order from Yangon, so delay in the arrival of the goods means the price would go up a bit and then we are also told that due to COVID-19, there is shortage of labor in Yangon for the production of these items which is also another reason why the price would go up. The shopkeepers like me would have to take several steps to get our orders as the trucks are not allowed entering into Nay Pyi Taw.”

Other kitchen commodities also see a slight increase in the price due to the delay and shortage of the goods. Ma Pa Pa Win another shopkeeper also spoke on it and she said, “Onion, garlic, tomato and other kitchen items have increased in the price as well due to the high cost of transporting expense of these goods. Usually when we order tomato today, we would get on the next morning or in the next day but now it takes at least two days to three days to arrive. We don’t have many customers like before anymore; some customers would buy for a week ration and store them at home as they don’t want to go out every day”.

Otherwise Daw Hla Hla Myint, a customer says she does not find much difference in price from the previous months, “I don’t find the price is going up really high, take onion for example, the price and the season is reasonable, the season like this we would usually buy at this price range which is the normal price.”

According to the report by the shopkeepers, green vegetable prices have increased quite a bit and it is hard to get the goods at a good price too.