ASEAN Food Festival 2019

12 August 2019

With the support from Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and Mandalay Regional Government, ASEAN Food Festival 2019 will be taking place in Mandalay. The event will hold at Mandalay Convention Centre for two days on August 17th and 18th.

Now, let’s find out the support of one of the ASEAN countries.

Ms. Sylvia Masi, First Secretary for Information and Sociocultural Affairs, Indonesian Embassysaid they strongly encourage Myanmar to do this kind of food festival.

“We highly support the event. We wish the best success. I notice Myanmar introduce so many specialties from different zones from Kayin, even from Rakhine, also Yangon. I wish event would be successful and more foods from Yangon, Myanmar would be well-known to international people. So, I really hope it would be very successful.”

Ms. SylivaMasi further explained the similarity and differences of Myanmar and Indonesian foods.

“They are actually quite similar but in certain taste, there is a bit different, for example Myanmar people love sour food. In Indonesia, they usually have savory, salty and sweet. Usually, the ingredients how you cook it is quite similar. Only because Myanmar is more to sour side, and a bit oilier, while Indonesian food is sweet and savory.”

Following the festival, Myanmar Chefs Association will be one of the food demonstrators. So, let’s find out more from Oliver E SoeThet, Chairman of Myanmar Chefs Association.

“Myanmar Chefs Association will bring all the chefs from all over Myanmar to Mandalay. We will have chefs from Rakhine State. We will have chefs from Naypyitaw, chefs from Bagan, chefs from Yangon and Ayeyarwadyjoing this event and chefs from Shan State. So, make it more diverse culinary attraction to the audience and to show Myanmar ethnic foods, we will show the Myanmar Rakhine Food, nice, spicy, fresh and healthy. Our Naypyitaw chefs will do Myanmar –fine-dining foods.”

Now, one of the residents from Mandalay, Ms. Gonyi Aye Kyaw, MC expressed her opinion on the festival.

“Mandalay will be the host for ASEAN Food Festival 2019. Not only ASEAN members, it is ASEAN plus four countries including China, Japan, Korea and India. Mandalay will be beneficial from this such as accommodation, souvenirs and everything. So, it is very great for Mandalay and I am proud of it on behalf of Mandalay resident.”

Ms. Gonyi Aye Kyawsaid , when it comes to Mandalay, Mont Di from Mandalay and Mi Shay are her favorite foods from Mandalay and she also said every visitors visiting to Mandalay always ask for Mandalay Mont Di and Mi Shay.

Finally, Oliver E SoeThet, Chairman of Myanmar Chefs Association gave remark that Culture and Cuisine always bring people together.