Artistic Droplets Art Exhibition

10 July 2019

In the monsoon season, when the weather is alive to be the best combination for art, many art exhibitions are held in Yangon. One of them is called Artistic Droplets by second year students of National University of Art and Culture (Yangon).

U Aung Myo Myat, Tutor, Department of Painting, mentioned, “This is the exhibition of showcasing the lessons that the students have learned to the public.”

He also explained that the exhibition was named Artistic Droplets because the droplets can combine to be much more amount of water. In the exhibition, 83 paintings mainly of watercolour by 45 students are being displayed.

“In the previous year, we held the exhibition at our university. This year, we hold the exhibition at the public area so that they get a chance to be in the outside surrounding. Through this exhibition, hey can review the difficulties in drawing a painting and how to overcome them.”, U Aung Myo Myat stated.

Ko Kyaw Sann Lin, one of the second year students said his two paintings are selected to display. “We get much experience and contact with the public as well as get familiar with many artists.”, he mentioned.

He continued, “I have interested in painting since I was young but I could not study well because of personal situations. After I have finished the high school, I chose the National University of Art and Culture to build my career as painter.”

At the National University of Art and Culture students specializing in painting have to study watercolour, communications art, arts of drawing, history of art and traditional art. “In the exhibition, you can see the watercolour paintings mostly as well as some traditional arts and arts of drawing. They are displaying all they have studied in the first and second year.”, U Aung Myo Myat said.

Another student, Ma Myat Min Mway shared her happiness of getting a chance to showcase her paintings at the exhibition. “We started drawing since April and have done two weeks before the exhibition. I am happy that the first exhibition including my paintings was well-organized with almost no difficulties.”, she mentioned.

At the exhibition, the paintings of the students are to be sold with very fair price and this is to get the benefit of their effort and to be a motivation for the students who are to start their career as a painter.   

“Their paintings are pure and of various subjects. They tried as much as they could so I am happy and proud as a teacher.”, U Aung Myo Myat commented on the paintings of his students.

The exhibition is to be held from 9th to 11th July at 43 Art Gallery.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin